wt and charitable works.

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  • Vidiot

    The quiet disdain for actual charitable actions goes as far back as Russel, apparently.

    Understandable, considering Russel was a reasonably successful businessman before he became a professional theologian... the WTS probably views it as too much risk of little return on the investment.

  • pale.emperor

    Back in the late 60s the mags even resorted to slandering the motives and character of any Jehovah’s Witnesses who do give to charity, claiming that they’re trying to cover up a guilty conscience.

    "If there is any material giving, to charities for instance, it is because there is need to salve a conscience, or because one's reputation is at stake." - Watchtower 1969 May 1 p.280

  • steve2

    "We're so very close to the end so there's really no need to go to the expense of surgery and all its risks. The money needs to go into the preaching work. Next"

  • zeb

    PE, well before my time but I wish I has seen/known of that disgusting attitude before i came across and entered a kh.

  • smiddy3

    Charity is not a word that J.W. `s can compute .

    The purpose and main reason for the existence of Jehovah`s Witnesses is to provide spiritual food and not to provide material benefits in any form.

    That`s not what they do .

    Why would they give any material assistance to a non witness who is a part of Satan`s world who is destined to die at Armageddon anyway.?

    Their is nothing altruistic about the J.W.religion

    The WT organization itself will not put their hand out / money wise for any members in the religion no matter how long they might have loyally served as faithful brothers or sisters .

  • Lostandfound

    From the old Sermon Outlines mini booklet, “Charitable Works are not the Foremost consideration of Christians” think it was No 33 from memory, nothing changes in the org, Registered as Charities worldwide but NO Charitable Works.

  • Vidiot
    smiddy3 - "Charity is not a word that J.W.s can compute."

    Considering the current state of their printed material, I'd be surprised if they could even spell it. :smirk:

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