What if they did something useful?

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  • sf

    Yes! What an incredible concept...hope instead of F.E.A.R. coming out of the walls of the tower. Yet, tergiversator, those walls are rot now. Nothing ever coming from those walls will be fit for human consumption in any form. It's simply too late for this type of dynamic turnaround. And in my solid opinion, those walls need to implode and the ground cleared and never built on again. It's evil footing. I'm not kidding! I feel that way strongly.

    It is a great post tergiversator, one that gave me insight into how I intend on handling a certain situation in my own life experience concerning my mother, who is still trapped within those walls. Thank you.

    Scally (southpaw contender class)

  • LDH

    Dick Cheney was on 'Face the Nation' on Sunday morning, talking about how the Federal government is going to look at giving charitible monies to religious organizations.

    Apparently they're going to look at the HISTORY of each organization as far as deciding who to give money to. Each Organization must have a HISTORY of doing good works to NON_MEMBERS.

    Thank God. I thought the WTBS would be the first to jump up and open a Brooklyn soup kitchen.

  • tergiversator

    Hee, hee, LDH, reading your post conjured up the most amusing image of how they could bill it: "Brooklyn Soup Kitchen - a joint cooperative venture by Jehovah's organization and Satan's."

    So many responses... guess this touched a nerve for a lot of people. It's just so sad, thinking about all of those people we know who have worked their hearts out for nothing. Heck, that's what we did, too, before we wised up.

    I don't really think anything's going to change, but it would be nice, for all of our friends and family who are still in, if they could feel like they were really getting something accomplished instead of the endless stream of not at homes and busy people who couldn't care less about the weird people standing on their doorsteps with their magazines, day in, day out... trying to console themselves with thinking, "Guess all the sheep-like ones have already been found, the end must be real soon now..."

    Oh well. Thanks for all your comments, folks. There really isn't a good way to have the organization change into something worthwhile without hurting and disillusioning a whole lot of people - even if most of them would be better off afterwards. It's got to beat, uh, clearing landmines (thanks, hippikon).


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