What if they did something useful?

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  • tergiversator

    I posted this in response to a thread by Nojw86 on H2O and thought I'd see what people here thought about it...

    What if the witnesses did something useful for a change?

    Just think what they could accomplish, if all the effort spent writing about antitypical fulfilments of obscure psalms was spent writing magazines to educate people about, say, health and sanitation.

    If, instead of full-color books on dubious details of Daniel's prophecies, they printed full-color textbooks on real history, science, literature, mathematics, etc., for distribution to areas where books aren't so easy to come by.

    If the hordes of witnesses who descend upon suburbia every Saturday morning between 9 am and donut break were instead sent to volunteer in soup kitchens and old folks homes and after-school programs for inner city kids and beach cleanups.

    If the expertise used for quick build kingdom halls was put to work building decent homes for people (along the lines of Habitat for Humanity) who needed them. And on, and on.

    The witnesses spend over a billion hours each year on bringing false hopes to peoples doors. What if they were to spend that time on bringing real hope instead? I bet there'd be a lot less depressed witnesses on Prozac, for one.

    -Tergiversator, of the Hope Springs Eternal class

  • hippikon

    They do something useful
    When they walk around my neighbourhood I know its safe from land mines.

    Where would we be without doughnut shops? They would go out of business otherwise.

    And if they didn’t kill all those trees for books and stuff we would be poisoned with too much oxygen and the climate would stay cold forever!

    "But it does move"

  • willy_think

    never happen...what would that kind of work do to the profit margein?? would the WTB&TS inc. let it's slaves learn love for those outside of the corporation?

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • stephenw20

    when there is control , there is little creativity or self expression, the help you mention is all opposed to the R&F being unified......

    help only exists to the FURTHERING of an idea formed in BRooklyn......

    while you may hope for a change........think ......is it a realistic expectaion to have.... the only way this org exists is with control....


  • openminded

    It would have to be something great, to atone for all the dead kids. Who would possibly be posting here today if not for the UNMERCIFUL ban on life saving medical treatments, that have used blood and organs and tissue to save lives. What a shame.

    What if the KKK or the Skin Heads or the Nazis started doing charity work? Would it change the way you view them?

  • outnfree

    One of the reasons I am no longer a JW is because I could see REAL help being given people in practical ways because of my children's attending Catholic schools. Also, when my cousin was battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was behind on her mortagage payments because of medical bills, she went to the local Catholic church, met the monsignor, who promptly wrote her a check for TWO months' payments based on her PAST involvement with the church. She rarely attends anymore, having been 'born again' (while her husband is still Catholic). AND he told her to come back for more if she needed it!


    I don't understand the correlation between the KKK, Nazis, and SkinHeads and the Society. While those all claimed to be Christian organizations, we know that the Society while calling itself an "organization" really claims to be THE only true Christian RELIGION. If the only truly Christian religion isn't doing charitable works, why would anyone expect those nominally Christian (bigoted, sick) organizations to do so? And if they did, they'd still be bigoted and sick and hateful. Don't you just know they'd be like the Borg and only help themselves?

    I remember that during my very last time out in field service I was with a sister who had a call that was a Roman Catholic couple. They always took time to listen to her, but she mentioned to us that the husband was always asking "What do Jehovah's Witnesses DO to help their neighbors?" meaning precisely the kinds of things, terg mentions above. She didn't get it. I bit my tongue. She says that on their previous call, he finally asked, "What do you want from us?"
    She didn't understand, or wouldn't honestly answer (even to herself?): "For you to convert to Jehovah's Witness-dom." The wife wasn't home when we tried a return visit. She was still going to try again on the weekend. Oblivious!

    It's a nice thought -- JW's spending even 1/2 a billion hours doing something useful. Maybe they'll get helpful when the organization crashes. Soon, I hope, soon....


  • VeniceIT

    Wow that's a thought, actually helping people. You know you have made a wonderful point, with the amount of time, energy, dedication and just plain mass of people, they could really accomplish a lot in the community and find satisfaction!

    When my sister switched halls she was amazed at the number of sisters that were on Prozac almost 75%. She was horrified! It's that real self fighting with the cult self and leaving people confused, sick and depressed. The WTS has a lot to answer for, and I sure hope it happens soon, before my Baby neice get's all the ill affects!


  • JT

    The witnesses spend over a billion hours each year on bringing false hopes to peoples doors. What if they were to spend that time on bringing real hope instead? I bet there'd be a lot less depressed witnesses on Prozac, for one.


    truly a POWERFUL POST

  • slipnslidemaster

    Do you think that their drinking would decrease also?

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • VeniceIT

    But Slip then you wouldn't have ANYTHING in common with them


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