Oh how this religion has changed! Would this have been permitted 20 years ago??

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I specifically remember, back in around 2004, they had sent instructions in the KM that any custom kingdom songs were not to be played at weddings, that it was a lack of respect for the house of God... And we are talking about soft rearrangement of music to play while the bride walks up the isle here, not even full dancing music we have here!

  • ToesUp

    Let me guess. "There is donation boxes and credit card machines conveniently located throughout the facility." This is the ONLY way the new and improved WT (jay dub ya dot org) can keep the sheeples in. They even took Jehovah's name out of the re branded title.

  • Vidiot
    LV101 - "...whatever it takes to lure in the bodies -- especially with their dismal retention rate..."

    Unless of course they've realized - consciously or otherwise - that it's in their better financial interests to downsize the membership (to just a million or so hardcore loyalists).

  • LV101
    Vid - who knows what their new MO is now that they're billionaires - guess they were all along on paper. Don't think they have a choice as far as their membership numbers. They better keep the straw/mud hut saga spewing to continue squeezing moolah out of the sheeples. I'm sickened when I see a post of their rape appeals but that's standard procedure for corporations. Hope the higher courts don't weaken -- about time the justice system in this country stand up for the victims.
  • HiddlesWife

    @LV101=> This is just another marketing ploy of the Borg. They are very anxious to keep those who are PIMI from considering leaving and trying to convert Non-Dubs by no doubt showing that "We are the happiest people on earth". Pathetic, from actual charlatans running a corporation disguised as a religion!

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    old times, now in the grave, would have called them "demonized"

  • LV101

    Hiddles - I agree -- they'll do whatever it takes to increase the bodies for donations.

  • Listener

    Such a weird religion. It's not permissable to play kingdom melodies live at the Kingdom Hall or the Assembly but if they're entertaining those in 'high standing' at either of these places, its fine to play live worldly music and dance to it.

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