Kingdom Halls open to hurricane flood victims??

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    No, they wont. A few years back, our city officials approached the local elder body to discuss this issue. Our area is prone to wildfires every year, and the hazards of evacuation and serious threat to life and property/homes is very real.

    They wanted to line up any possible building to use as a shelter in the event of an emergency. The thought was that it would be easy to push all the chairs back, or remove them, and have a nice large shelter with bathrooms. Many in the congregation heard about it, and thought it a great idea! Help take care of their neighbors and all!

    A quick call to confirm with Bethel gave the answer.: NO, absolutely NO. Insurance reasons, blah blah blah.

    The elders looked really stupid. It was a terrible witness to the community, as many brothers work for the city and the county. Essentially, the KH would be the only empty building in an evacuation/emergency situation that required sheltering those that may have lost their homes. It was an embarrassment for everyone and was hushed up real quick. Sad indeed.

    So NO, they wont be opening their KHś to be used. And they WONT be donating money to the Red Cross or any other charity services. Damn straight the pretty little trolley carts will be on every street corner as soon as the sun comes out... to offer comfort!

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    That's a damned shame. Solid structures, with plenty of room & utilities, and potential volunteers. That would be a much better "witness" than some brainwashed zombie standing next to a cart. No offense to those in the Org, but that's just how I feel.

    There are many verses in Bible about helping those in need. Here are 30 of them:

    Not to mention all the people helping out in H-town right now, from ALL walks of life. Atheists, Humanists, Christians, Muslims, Bhuddists, don't really give-a-shit-ists. Even DOGS and other animals exhibit altruism!! But, since the entire JW flock takes their marching orders STRAIGHT from the Bethel HQ, they won't step up and do the right thing, even though deep down they know they should.

    Crap...I gotta get back to work now. I wish someone would CALL Bethel, and ask 'em which Kingdom Halls are helping victims in and around Houston. As a concerned citizen & non-JW, just call up (play dumb if necessary), and ask which ones are open, so you can spread the word to friends & neighbors. Call with the assumption that they are certainly doing SOMETHING....would go something like this:

    caller: "I mean, you guys are helping out, right? I've seen your Kingdom Halls, around various parts of town. The Methodist church is sorta full now, and so is the who can I contact down here?"

    Bethel rep: "ummm...well....we, uh, don't really have any facilities at the moment, but we're monitoring the situation"

    caller: "but people are suffering here!! What do you mean you're 'monitoring' things?!?...blankety...blank...insert expetive.

    Would be AWESOME to record such an exchange and get on Youtube. Better yet, send it to CNN!!

    Olsteen made the news for NOT opening his church in a timely mamner...I think the JWs should feel the heat too. Such a 'charitable organization.' 😏

  • LV101

    Why are they not asked about opening their halls! Do the Mormans open their wards to help? They're all over the place. Isn't it something how the two US religions don't help their own citizens by providing shelter.

    I think the media should go find out what the problem is and why they refuse to open up the doors to their properties to help people.

  • kepler

    Well, I'm not a Mormon, but I found this easy.

    I thought I had heard something about their activity during the storm.

    Here's an article I located.

    So who is left?

  • LV101

    I'm sure the Mormans are involved - haven't heard they open up their church/wards/whatever or their temples but they probably make up for it in other forms of charity. See Cold Steel's post under the topic, Joel Osteen's Church is a Cult, too?! or something like that and he provides good info re/the Morman Church.

    I've heard they're the first to appear in these catastrophes but I've also heard the Baptist Church is first -- guess everyone wants to be 'first' and that's a good thing as long as they're out there helping humans, animals, you name it, they get my respect.

    I wonder if we'll hear anything positive the JWs are doing? Of course they'll say they donated x amt. of dollars to the WT like that's going to help anyone or anything other than the cult leaders.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Well, I just searched online for Kingdom Halls in the Houston area. It displayed no less than 12 locations in NORTH HOUSTON alone. Specifically, in the area north of Beltway 8, and south of the Woodlands area. That would likely be area of slightly higher elevation, and less rainfall accumulation.

    I counted an additional 28 Halls in various other parts of the city, located south of the Beltway.

    Note that the iphone maps feature counts all Jehovah's Witness structures, so presumably, some of these could actually be their larger assembly halls.

    One should also not discount the many Halls in smaller cities and towns along interstates 45, and 10. Towns like Conroe, and Huntsville all have Kingdom Halls, according to the map...this areas would be well away from the worst flooding, and perfect for sheltering families/elderly, ect.

    Bottom line is, they're blindly turning away from their own teaching to "imitate Jesus."

    The worst is yet to come, folks. As with Katrina, we're about to witness a high body count. The numbers will add up as the waters recede, and the WT Society will have stood on the sidelines, doing absolutely NOTHING. Sad.

  • respectful_observer

    There's currently a Reddit thread discussing some JW carts stationed outside one of the shelters. Some interesting comments, for sure.

  • Sliced

    Bastards! Seriously?? Carts outside a shelter... ughhhhhh. Sugar Shane, I'm in Houston, message me if you hear anything.

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