Kingdom Halls open to hurricane flood victims??

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    There are other threads dealing with JWs actions, or non-actions in response to the Houston flooding.

    I started this thread to find out specifically if Kingdom Halls, or Assembly Halls are being used to help victims. Not just other JWs, but innocent victims of ALL walks: men, women, children & pets. Obviously, some KHs would be flooded, but those on high ground, or in areas north of Houston could surely be used for that purpose. Could, but probably won't, I expect. 😏

    Make THIS thread a repository for your photos (those of you in & around Houston) of shuttered KHs, next to a pic of a local church, or Salvation Army tent. Would be interesting to see these pics in a side by side format: KH (closed), 1st Church of ______ (open & feeding families). Next step...get the pics out on social media.

    I get tired of their snarky remarks about being "first on the scene" and "sooo organized," yet with nothing at all to back up those claims! This would shut 'em down pretty quick, I'd think. Oh....and tell them that Olsteen finally opened HIS mega-church.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    What great idea...

  • FedUpJW

    Could, but probably won't, I expect.

    Probably? Definitely will not. After all the KH is for meetings to indoctrinate the members, not for any genuine helping of strangers.

    Of course I may be wrong. They may open up the KH front door so that some pioneer in super good standing can get a cart and set up, just in case some needy person shows up, then they can throw a Watchtower at them and wish them to "go in peace, keep warm and well fed"!

  • SadElder

    According to the dub web site they are "monitoring" the situation. Guess that means they want to see how much money is promised before they are ready to act in their own self-serving self-righteous ways.

  • ShirleyW

    THat's what I wanted to know since a few days ago someone posted here how an acquaintance of theirs said they would pack their "go bag" and go the nearest KH after watching that video of doom and destruction. For the Houston area they'e experiencing just about the same thing, so did all of Jah's faithful try to get to a flooded KH for the empty headed elders to give them further direction? . . . smh just thinking about that

  • Hecce

    If they open the KH for the brothers, they will have to do it for everybody. They had a golden opportunity on 9/11 by opening Bethel and they didn't do it, the goodwill and good publicity out of that was invaluable besides the human and compassion factor, but they couldn't see it.

    I will be surprised if they open the Halls, but I could be wrong.

  • Quarterback

    So far 4,141 publishers were displaced from their homes. It was mentioned that the publisher cooperated with the order to evacuate, Guess all that info about Go Bags was useful.

  • Hecce


    Source of information?


  • Quarterback

    JW,org, Newsroom

  • Chook

    I found the photo of Tony Morris and his buddy happy Let serving hot soup to the poor flood victims and invited them back to gods house of Warwick for Sunday roast . They are not sharing their gravy with any pagan.

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