Today's Text: A Whole Lot Of Bull****!!!

by Divergent 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2


    After 8 year's of not going to meetings and thinking I had fadded, they came at me out of the blue, this elder who was super defending pedophiles called mad. Totally blindsided me.

    The child abouse problem still makes me see red and I will not back down, if they want to keep fighting its just really hard for me to back down.

  • Vidiot

    Life is to short 2 - "...this elder who was super defending pedophiles..."

    Gosh, I wonder why...

  • heathen

    I don't care for religion but they seem to always get very convoluted when talking about other peoples spirituality pertaining to obedience to head quarters which includes ,"adjusting", your beliefs over night , take a look at the new generation dogma , once again they force it on everyone , no questions , repeat after them or elder , "spiritual inspector ", comes down heavy on you , I'm not afraid since I'm not in and don't consider them friends

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