Breitbart Report on JW "Russia persecution" sparks comments battle

by TerryWalstrom 35 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • TerryWalstrom
    In my daily sweep of the web for interesting JW articles, the above link popped up.
    The report is probably propped up by a stream of Watchtower propaganda publicity releases to the media.
    But what struck me was the COMMENTS below the article.

    Give it read and join in if you feel moved.

  • carla

    From one brilliant jw - ...." Rings and the internet are pagan but ...." - The internet is pagan?

    I am sure there are more gems but it just too early for such nonsense.

  • blownaway

    I am with the Russians on this one. Ban em. I don't give a shit if it feeds their persecution complex or not. I am not looking for some easy way of getting the cult to go main stream. Stomp them out for all I care.


    JWism needs to be banned. That’s just a fact. I have zero issues with Dubs having their personal beliefs, ( Whatever the latest idea of the Gibbering Buddies happens to be..) but they can keep it to themselves.

    JWism does FAR more harm than good, affecting generations of humans by purposely targeting children who are viewed as little cogs is the machine; children who are not even protected from sexual predators or allowed life-saving medical procedures.

    Jwism needs to be kept in check like a dangerous contagion.

    As an American, I’m sure that I am grossly ill-informed about the true nature of Russian politics, and fed propaganda from a government that is just as guilty of heinous acts as the Russian government is reported to be. Yet, I have to side with Russia on this issue. Enough is enough.

    Religious extremism is literally a poison and a barrier to our evolution as a species. JWs are no different than the ignorant who believe fake news about the LBGT community supporting pedophilia as a “preference”, all the while spouting apocalyptic nonsense while shopping at Walmart after Church and a Trump rally.


  • Wild_Thing

    Religions should not be banned. The undesirable behaviors should be banned. They are targeting the wrong thing.


    You can’t do anything except ban them publicly because the “undesirable behaviors” are a direct result of the “religion.”

    It takes religion to make good people do bad things. Well, let them do it at home. JWs can all move to Warwick and live like the Amish.


  • stillMS

    @DATA-DOG, I'm not sure what info you've got about Russia (it depends on the info sources you use), but, it is indeed worse than most people on this planet even imagine.

    As an example of what they think about religion - you may want to have a look at the fresh video from one Russian propaganda youtube channel: , where Russian proxies on the occupied Ukrainian territory persecute even baptists (I'm not an expert on the Baptist church, but anyway), while at the same time supporting Russian Orthodox church (founded and controlled by Russian intelligence) famous for its usage in direct war propaganda, direct support/providing of Russian/pro-Russian terrorists in Eastern Ukraine, etc.

    It's a criminal-totalitarian state, and I'd be very careful before supporting any of their action (given their constant lies).

  • TerryWalstrom
  • lrkr

    Lol- "they're a cult, just like Climate Chage advocates"

    Well, at least all of my biases about Breitbart have been confirmed!

  • MeanMrMustard

    Here we go again... weeeeeeee.

    Around and round on the throw-principles-of-freedom-out-the-window-because-I-am-pissed-and-hurt carousel.

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