Elders intimating protesters at Jehovah's Witness conventions

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    She also says in her video that she was "using a speaker to talk to them". Yes, that can be disruptive. And if she did call the police and they said she could be on the sidewalk, where are they? I know from past interactions, witnesses are afraid of the police in general. If the police were out there telling them that they were not allowed to block her, they would tuck tail and run back into the venue calling HQ for instructions. And goons? Hyperbole much? Cowards, yes, but let's not get carried away here. They are just standing blocking this poor little woman from disrupting their snore fest.

  • careful

    The sign says SDCCU Stadium. There are eucalyptus and palm trees there. Is this San Diego?

  • john.prestor

    Doctor Who, how would you feel if you stood on a street corner and seven large men came and stood in front of you? It's a threat, they don't need to be waving guns or knives around to imply to your brain that they could beat you up. They're not going to, but they know the effect they'll have on you. It's like seeing a wolf or bear in the distance. You know it's not going to come for you, but it still gets your heart going a little bit.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    this is the same religion that used to picket churches. They now put carts on public sidewalks. Maybe there should be 7 burly (bikers") just stand there in front of them.

    Back when I was well able to ignore apostates without help. The brothers made more trouble stopping traffic, redirecting it, and causing confusion instead of just letting us exit and get to our motel.

  • blondie

    The security brothers are told not to touch or hit protesters unless they attack them first because they are not law enforcement officers. That doesn't stop some brothers from being bullies to those considered apostates, probably the same ones who bully fellow jws at the KH. I would just come back in an hour or so, and bring reinforcements. I personally don't think many jws thinking is changed by this, maybe non-jws. It did not change my jw views when I saw it at the conventions.

    I knew the law enforcement officers that moonlighted at the conventions; they told me about the so-called jw security brothers how they considered themselves equivalent to the officer and laughed.

    PS many convention venues include the cost of providing security in the cost of renting the facility. Any additional security would have to be paid by the WTS.

  • smiddy3

    I do agree with her as to why they have to put up a guard so to speak around such protesters which seems to be the normal procedure for JW`s .

    It only emphasises the cult nature of the JW`s

    They would do better just to ignore them .

    But then again the more they advertise themselves as a cult religion all the better.

    this is the same religion that used to picket churches. They now put carts on public sidewalks. Maybe there should be 7 burly (bikers") just stand there in front of them.


    Here is a screenshot of a ''street preacher'' named Jerry who is reading scriptures from the Bible and the Watchtower magazine. Elders surround him and follow every step he takes. He talks and the Elders talk as loud as possible so they can drown him out. The security guard leaves him alone. The Elders disrupt him the whole time.

    But, Jehovah's Witnesses can set up literature carts on public sidewalks and demand respect. Maybe, we need people to disrupt them at every corner they preach.

  • sting of truth
    sting of truth

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and website but thought I'd sign up just to respond to this thread.

    1st. Caligirl had the right to use a speaker. The US supreme court has determined that those excersizing free speech have the right to be heard.

    2nd. The us supreme court has determined that a person practicing free speech has the right to police protection if the crowd around them grows hostile and tries to threaten or intimidate the speaker.

    3rd. Hecklers do not have vetoe power over a person excersizing free speech.

    4th. I wish I'd have been there to help her out. At 6'5" I'm not intimidated easily.

  • sparky1

    "....she was using a speaker to talk to them. Yes, that can be disruptive."

    But probably not as disruptive as this auditory abomination on wheels!

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