Marijuana and JWs

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  • john.prestor
    Highly dangerous, that's hysterical Thomasdam. Do you hear yourself? There's a lot of things that are highly dangerous in this world, pot's not one of them. I'm about to light one up, it calms me down and helps me think. It's also got therapeutic benefits, supposed to reduce pain and help people sleep, that's not what I use it for, but enough people tell me that that I give them the benefit of the doubt. Stop watching Reefer Madness.
  • ShirleyW

    I've even seen Whoopi Goldberg on The View get into a hissy fit on the air when she was claiming that pot is not a gateway drug, she's very open about her use of it. But I'd just like to say for all those here and even Whoopi, I'd like to see you all face the parents that have lost children, who started out smoking pot and moved on to bigger and harder drugs and lost their lives.

    There are many liberal minded parents who thought nothing is wrong with pot, heck, they even smoke it themselves, but their kids moved on to stronger drugs and that's what killed them. So no reason to respond back to me, but I'd like to see everyone of the belief pot isn't a gateway drug, to stand in the front of liberal minded parents who let there kids smoke, yet they lost their kids when the decided to up the ante, so to speak.

  • john.prestor

    ..You got any names?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A sister used to smoke it before being in the truth, for migraines. Once in, she had to stop. She suffered a lot but wouldn't do it again.

    I guess it worked for her for that particular reason. My nephew takes the drops for his back. Gives him a lot of relief. Haha his dog has bone spurs in his back and it works for him too.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am certainly not the one to look up anything in the WT Library, but JW's are against psychiatry yet won't directly tell members not to seek mental health professionals anymore. I am certain it's the same with medical marijuana. They will continue to demonize smoking pot, but I don't think they will come out and condemn edibles for medical treatment. They will just put out a bunch of "Be cautious, but you need to use your own discretion."

  • 2+2=5
    I'd like to see you all face the parents that have lost children, who started out smoking pot and moved on to bigger and harder drugs and lost their live

    They should have stuck with cannabis, don’t take addictive substances that can kill and blame pot.

    Alcohol nearly always comes first and could well be labelled the “gateway drug”.

  • Thomasdam

    Alcohol causes much more damage to the body and or society than pot does. The prohibition era brought us crime in the way of the mob, black markets and people drank just as much. The was was lost on that and its been lost on Marijuana for years the right wing nuts [one of the areas I break with the GOP] have just kept up the fight even though it bleeds money out of the coffers for nothing. It is a waste of time, money and lives in that they put in prison people for having a joint. How is on dope? Make it legal and regulate it. Tax it. Put the illegal pot growers out of business.

  • Simon

    I have a theory that it isn't a gateway drug per-se, it's just people who had to get it illegally inevitably end up with connections to people who deal and use more serious drugs.

    So it wasn't the drug that was the gateway, I don't think someone smoking pot is more likely to start taking crack or heroine. But the people who are more likely to try new things, illegal things, are possibly also more likely to smoke pot first.

    People see a progression and think there is causality.

  • john.prestor

    Yeah I could see that happening, pretty much every dealer can get you pot, but those same dealers also sell other stuff or know people who do.

  • Crazyguy2

    Depends where u live and your elders. If it’s legal in your state they may say nothing. One guy said it was ok where he was at originally for medical reasons then moved to another congregation even in the same state and was dfd. In my state it’s legal but the traveling idiot was saying bad things about it. So who knows.

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