If You Could Explain To A Witness WHY They Are Wrong, Would You Want To?

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  • minimus

    and would you personally, be ABLE to make a clear explanation as to why the Witnesses are so wrong???

  • gumby

    I think were all alone min......our post just keep clim'in and clim'in and clim'in to the top and their fall'in on the next page. Were worthless dirty heathen white trash bastards and you know it......now go to bed and act like this place never happened.


  • m0nk3y

    Jeez .. whats up your arse gumby ?

    And minimus I would just say "Your Wrong and You Know It"

  • jgnat

    Well, I practice daily with my JW honey. It's slow going, since he is an admittedly illogical man. If I prove him wrong, I get tickled. Not a bad tradeoff.

    Also, he won't bet me any more. I say, "Wanna bet? What are the stakes?" He shuts up.

  • free will
    free will

    no. if they are true believers, they wouldn't admit anything. the standby is "new light" they have earmuffs on.

  • nowisee

    you can't tell anyone anything they are not ready to hear. so if they were ready i would certainly want to, and i think at this point i could. if not, oh well......

  • minimus

    I think that if a person was truly sincere, and wanted to really know WHY the Witnesses are wrong, we should feel obliged to inform the person.Even casting seeds of doubt can be productive if a person is not ready to hear all the reasons "the truth" isn't the truth.

  • Dawn

    Here's one approach. (typical response shown in red - I've tried this before) Ask them how important it is to know that the bible you use is an accurate translation (well very). Then ask them how someone can research to be sure the bible they use is an accurate translation (uhm........) Perhaps by researching the language background and education of the translators, to make sure they didn't pick up a "Learn Greek in 20 days" manual and go from there (yea....that would be good). Open their NWT and ask them how they could do this with their own. (well, the names aren't there because we don't give credit to any one person, only Jehovah) Ok - but it was a "person" that translated it - so how do you know that he was knowledgable about the hebrew and Greek languages. (some comment now to get off the topic).

    It's a baby step - gets someone to start thinking. Some of these same questions entered my mind and started my path to freedom.

  • COMF

    I can make a clear explanation. Whether I would want to do so or not would depend on the attitude of the one to whom I was explaining. Pearls before swine and all that.

  • greven

    It should go slowly, atacking them dead on only invokes a "shields-up" so to speak.

    What works best from experience is asking them a 'simple' question. wait for the explanation. now ask probing questions which if they answer will trip them up. (this should be prepared and well thought about).

    This is how I began to see there was something wrong: I could not explain why certain celebrations were OK but others not, while not being very different from eachother...


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