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  • smiddy3

    I noticed that Tiana never responded to any of the comments on her first post except to say she/he was not a troll and I don`t expect he /she will respond to this post either.

    All cut & paste from JW.Org site eh ? Theocratic warfare at its finest

    In Jehovah’s Witness congregations, victims, parents, or anyone else, have always been free to report allegations of child sexual abuse to the police. The troubling reality is that many chose not to do it.

    And neither did the Elders who were made aware of these crimes against children and never reported it to the appropriate authorities or the police and chose to handle it in-house in case it brought reproach upon the Jehovah`s Witness religion.

    The silence had nothing to do with protecting Jehovah`s name it was all about protecting the religion.

  • Diogenesister
    Well, it only took a landslide of legal threats around the world to force their hand on this,” opposers grumbled, as they went on to claim credit. Why not give them the credit? Likely it is true.

    Well he got this right.

  • Diogenesister

    From the beginning, child sexual abuse controversies as related to Jehovah’s Witnesses have been markedly different from those of nearly anywhere else.

    Oh Of of course it is....[sigh]😒

    Incidents have mostly been within the ranks of the general membership

    Er.....didn’t one of your GB get the boot for CSA, and countless appointed men.

    As I write this, it now appears that the time has come for Southern Baptists to take their turn in the hot seat. Just eight days prior to this writing, a Houston Chronicle headline (February 10, 2019) announces: “Abuse of Faith - 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms.”

    Who are the victims? Entirely those who were abused by leaders. The latter “were pastors. ministers. youth pastors. Sunday school teachers. deacons. And church volunteers.” Were any of them just regular church members abused by other regular church members? No.

    So volunteers, Sunday school teachers and youth pastors aren’t regular members, then?😂

    This person is a woman I think because she doesn’t appear to understand the mechanism the Borg uses in having to take direction from WT legal. She seems to think WT is being fined because a few bungling elders didn’t report....she thinks they have autonomy to decide to report or not.

  • Tiana

    Hi Smiddy3

    I really do not need to respond to any comments unless directed or asked of me. I just accept it that these are all peoples opinions and they are opinions ! I have been commenting on some of the other posts here but obviously you are so full of yourself that anyone who does not share his story at the start (more like if you cant make out if he is one of you or not} he/she is out to get you ! Theocratic Warfare ! There are other reasons a person might not be revealing anything or much about himself

    . All of you should understand this from your own experiences.

    It does not matter to me if you or others think I am a troll.

    I am not someone who jumps up and comments ,(this one time is an exception) and has to have a say in everything that goes around.

    You suffer from JW SYNDROME .Let me explain.Just as jws are opposed to anything being said outside of what they are taught to say and think, it is apostasy or worldly and they scare away.

    Same with you anything that does not seem clear to you , is not revealed or what not, you scream Troll.By the way there are loads of comments on this forum which has been cut/ paste from the JW.ORG site. Just doing that does not mean theocratic warfare.

    What are you so scared of! That theocratic warfare will win you over! I doubt that for most of us. I say most becoz I do not know peoples lifestory, experiences and circumstances.

    After saying all this, I am not being mean or harsh to you.Just responding (there was no question directed to me though but felt like sharing this ) as another member of this site. Hope no one is offended.

    My life as is is wonderful so I do not want to rock my boat so share very little or nothing for that matter. Assume all you want if it makes you happy or gives you some release.

    Life is beautiful !

  • Moster
    In Jehovah’s Witness congregations, victims, parents, or anyone else, have always been free to report allegations of child sexual abuse to the police. The troubling reality is that many chose not to do it. They alerted congregation elders and went no further. Why? Because they thought that by so doing, they might be bringing reproach on God’s name and the Christian congregation."

    Once again the inference is that the R&F made/make their own decisions to not report it to the officials. BUNK!

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