Has anyone reached out to Mrs Remini by email .

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    ...it isn't really her business to get involved.

    I don't know anything about Remini but so long as she knows what she's talking about she's more than welcome. An example of a non-JW taking an opposing stand against the JWs is Angus Steward, the barrister of the Australian Royal Commission. He was very knowledgeable of the Watchtower and all of us more than welcomed him.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree that it's great that an outsider (and an official) can see through evidence that the Witnesses are a damaging religion. But, it is not the same as an insider who LIVED it to expose the religion.

    While I think Witnesses need all the help they can get to expose the religion, they cannot expect totally that only OTHER people are going to fight their battles, while the actual Witnesses stay in the shadows!

    At some point actual people from the Witness religion are going to have to come out and be courageous and speak publicly.

    If they are all afraid because of being disfellowshipped or shunned, the Witness religion is going to be around for a long time, and the world will be ignorant of what goes on there! What a shame.

  • schnell

    @Pete Zahut how did I miss that?! Dong Lover's awesome, and I heard in his recent NPR "Fresh Air" interview that he grew up religious, but I must have been out of the truck when he said he was a witness. Interesting.

  • tor1500


    Exactly...until a witness is willing to share their story then as you say The Witnesses will be around for a long long time. We hear about pedophiles in other places and the things the WT does...and many are not even in the religion anymore, but will not step out and tell their stories...there are so many reporters looking for a story...that's why they report things we don't even want to know....

    As you say many are afraid to come out and say so all witnesses do is go on sites and complain...(me included). My way of talking to some of the friends is simply by saying all God wants us to do is help one another and love one another...So no matter how much literature we get and how much we read ....in the end....the message is be our brothers keepers...they have to agree..that way I don't point to any scriptures but just give them the bottom line....

    LonghairGal, you hit the nail on the head....until JW's come forward and not be afraid of man, the org. will continue....what's so funny in this case JW's are more afraid of man than the authorities...something is wrong with this picture...


  • LongHairGal

    Hi Tor:

    Thanks...Yes, that's what I think ex-JWs who were victimized in scandals should do:..come out PUBLICLY and speak up like Leah and the people she was interviewing!

    And when I say speak up, I don't mean with them in disguise or with their faces in shadow and their voices distorted like people in those crime documentaries hiding from the "mob".

    It can't be people behind masks like "apostates" picketing outside conventions years ago. No more secrecy.

    While it would be great if others could help out, I think ex-Witnesses are going to have to come out publicly first.

  • schnell

    I think the idea we're discussing is making it normal to leave the JWs, because it damn well should be. This is also why I say as much about myself online.

  • nonjwspouse

    Leah said she felt this as a mission in her life, and not exclusive to Scientology. her own words. If she had enough well spoken, educated JWs to help her, like Angus was able to learn. She would set off a bombshell.I agree, she is still going through her ow trauma from leaving Scientology so I doubt it could be soon, but I imagine it VERY possible in the future.

    I so admire that woman. She is such a bull dog.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    It still takes teeth to make it happen. I did contact my local new's station about the child molesters after I sent a letter to NBC, the producer at N|BC wanted it to go local first, I did go to the police. They all were interested, in fact I interviewed on the local news but I am a nobody. I do not have the name recognition Leah has. I am just one voice and no one else wanted to speak out.

    For it to break like Leah has done would take someone with a name, and backing. I have also watched ones make fools of themselves because they do not do it right and like 6 screens it becomes a joke with Rick Feanor and Johnny the ex Bethelight.

    I want no part in such things as Rick puts out. I want dignity and to not be a joke. At fist I thought any voice was better than no voice, but since I have learned if it is not done right you wind up looking like a fool and everyone thinks ex JW's are idiots.

    Right now I do not see it happening because the JW's are so fragmented with some really having it together and others attacking them and wanting the spotlight.

    I do not know what the answer is expect we need someone who has their act together like Leah.


  • tor1500

    Hi LonghairGal,

    Again, you hit the nail on the head....you are right...when JW's come out of the shadows then and only then will the society be exposed. There are famous witnesses but they believe it's the truth...they are in the background...still living the good life ....some are active and some are inactive...but they would never talk against the truth...

    I can't remember his name....he plays on the series Empire, ah I remember Terrance Howard, I think he was a witness or raised a witness and he said if he wasn't in Hollywood the only religion he would be in is the Truth because it is the truth....The Jacksons, The Williams Sisters, Larry Graham, & I think a female from the view if she still is on the air, the view changes hosts, so who knows,this is just to name a few. Oh lets not forget Prince..when he was alive did he say one word about how they took his money......they would never step up and say anything against the org. because as far as they are concerned, They are not worthy....so even if they were mistreated by the org... They would never step up to say anything...


  • LongHairGal

    HI TOR:

    The poster above (LITS) has a point about her fears of JWs coming out and looking stupid, etc., since there was a fiasco a few years back.

    For celebrities to come out, it takes somebody who has seen or suffered injustice and who has the DESIRE to speak out. Obviously, if somebody signed a "gag order", they cannot come out and speak.

    But, even if some other celebrity came out on some show as a sympathizer for JWs, it still would require well-spoken real live Witnesses or ex-Witnesses to be there.

    I can't imagine some celebrity having a program and introducing Brother and Sister John and Jane Doe and instead of them smiling and talking openly like the people on Leah's program, you have people sitting in the shadows with a voice distortion like they were in the witness protection program!

    It sounds silly and maybe the celebrity wouldn't even go for it.

    Well, whatever does OR does not happen on this topic, at least Leah's show has given Witnesses and other people in similar groups some food for thought.

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