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  • dubstepped
    New Episode Twenty Five - Daniel is a PIMO Jehovah's Witness

    PIMO – \pee-moe\ noun – short for Physically In, Mentally Out, a person held captive to the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses because although they are awake, to let others know would cost them everything they’ve ever known. They stay in physically to keep spouses, family, friends, the only social structure that they’ve ever been allowed to have. Sometimes they do this while plotting a “fade” where they gradually walk, sometimes even move, far away so as to escape. They know the truth but they cannot express it in an organization that refers to itself as “The Truth”.

    Daniel is PIMO. This is his story. Identities have been changed to protect the innocent.

    You can download and listen on your podcast app of choice (iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Podcast Republic, Podbean, etc.). I personally use Podcast Republic.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    2 hours and 43 minutes?

    Are you F***ing kidding?

    That's worse than a JW meeting!

    Sorry man, but there just is not that much spare time to invest into the unknown.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    I am also a PIMO, but I agree withs DOC. Can you give a summary, or a condensed version? Love to learn more, really, but I do not have so much time.

  • dubstepped

    Well, then don't listen. It's a podcast that you can download and take with you. There's a pause button and you can resume. 60,000 people have made it through listening. Clearly it's not for you. Some like long form stories and getting to know people and their stories. Others like something short. I'm sure my podcast isn't the only venue where you can hear from someone. The guy took a risk and put himself out there. I give people whatever time they need to walk through their lives. I'm sure you've spent longer than that saying the same things over and over on this forum. You've probably spent longer playing the JW game at meetings you don't want to go to.

    Take a chance. Or don't. I've put my time into it for those that want what I do. If you want shorter stories, by all means go out and do them.

  • oppostate

    Hey Dub. You keep doing what you do. Some of us really appreciate your work and effort.

    Whoever likes some other format has other options. No need for everything to be dumbed down WT style either. Quick and dirty or slow and gentle whatever suits the mood there are options for everyone, I think.

  • cofty

    Long format is the real value of online media. If some people have the attention span of goldfish too bad.

  • ToesUp

    VERY good interview. Thank you. Daniel really loves his wife. That's great and I hope she "wakes up."

    I found the part about being in the "in group or out group" so true. He nailed that one. That is what this cult is all about.

    Thank you Dub for all you do. We truly appreciate you!!!

  • dubstepped

    Glad you ladies and gents like what I put out there. If nobody listened whatsoever it still helps those that are interviewed to go through my process. And if it's not for everyone, that's cool too. We don't have to like the same things anymore. To each their own. From what I've heard if you have no detractors you're probably not doing much worthwhile or taking a stand so hate away if you want.


  • smiddy3

    I think its great that there is a multi-faceted approach to exposing in one way or another the problems being in the JW/WT religion and you fill a niche dubstepped with your podcast .

    Keep on doing what you do best .

  • Phoebe

    I enjoy the shunned podcasts. It's great hearing people's stories. We all have experiences and lives that are worth listening to.

    If you find it too long, don't listen to it all at once. Listen to it in pieces, that's what I do.

    Dubstepped puts an awful lot of work into the podcasts and we really appreciate it and we also really appreciate people being brave enough to tell their story.

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