Watchtower Corp of New York worth over$ 2 billion

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  • nowwhat?

    So their "book value " has increase by almost a billion dollars in a few years?! It's amazing all the layoffs and sell offs can do for the bottom line! Just like the greedy corporations that they condemn.

  • Betheliesalot

    From my schooling in accounting 40+ yrs ago, i remember book value was the value paid for an asset at acquisition . It doesn't represent the current value but may just be a "close enough" amount to make an educated estimate of their current assets. As a side bar, quite a few KH,s are built outside of towns and as such are not worth as much as they claim simply because no business would buy them, being so far away "from the action" Just visit and search Kingdom Halls and you will see some Halls for sale in the boonies, which are harder to sell, if they can at all. Maybe they could donate them to the VFW since they seem to always be on the outskirts of town and would be so fitting to see this come about, a perfect spot for drinking.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    That amount just doesn't seem right to me - years ago I saw an estimate that the total worldwide cash flow for the WTB&TS was very close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS a year.

    So I have to wonder if the WTB&TS has two sets of books - and if memory serves, W. E. van Amburgh, who was the long-lived Vice President and Secretary of the WTB&TS - admitted in court that he had two sets of books.

    Today, no one remembers who WEVA was, just a few. Rutherford HATED WEVA because WEVA tried to be a good man. I'll admit he followed some wacky dogma, but I think that personally it would have been great to know him.

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