Help: project to gather statistics on JW congregation finances.

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen



    For the Netherlands there are about 40 out of about 365 congregations that still need to upload their 2018 statement.

    With what I have so far 2018 is 101% of 2017. However 2017 and 2016 both were only 94% of the previous year. So 2018 is only 90% of 2015.

    The above is looking at the total money flowing into all the congregations. This includes donations made into the WWW bin of the congregation, but also proceeds of local real estate sales.

    The above is excluding any donations and legacies made by individuals directly to the branch. So it could be that the decrease in income for the congregations is caused by JW donating directly to the branch.

    The branch also has uploaded statements.

    Watchtower 2018 vs 2017 is 144%

    CCJW 2018 vs 2017 is 137%

    Problem is these numbers probably also include money received from HQ, perhaps for special projects.

    Watchtower statement 2018 specifically mentions that revenue from inheritances and legacies were higher than expected.

    CCJW 2018 statement specifically mentions the higher income is caused by them being gifted earlier zero interest loans (from individuals? Or HQ? Doesn't say that) and gifts received from other institutions with similar objectives (probably Watchtower NL or HQ, it doesn't say).

    Watchtower income 2018 vs 2015 is 97%

    CCJW income 2018 vs 2015 is 66%

    So it appears money is decreasing over the past years, but not necessarily during 2018. The CA issue is not yet very visible in the statements...

  • Corney

    Thank you for this great work.

  • Attewc

    I agree, your work to gather as many countries as possible gives a much more realistic picture of the overall increase or decline of the org.

    I put together something for Australia a few months ago you are more than welcome to use:

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  • truthseeker


    I have the stats for the UK. I periodically update the spreadsheet.


  • truthseeker

    I also update when congregations close, are disbanded or Kingdom Halls are sold off.

    I have the annual accounts report for each congregation.

    What's interesting is the legacies left to the congregations - in almost all cases, legacies are sent from the congregation directly to WT HQ.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Those stats for Australia look very nice. Would you be willing to share the raw data and your analysis files?
    The pictures on this forum appear a bit (too) small or compressed.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    That file you linked to, did you compile it? If not, do you happen to know who did?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    That's awesome, saves me a lot of trouble I guess :-)
    Is your file published anywhere? Would you mind sharing it so I could include it on a website on JW finances?

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