JWs and Guns.

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  • blownaway

    I was told shooting guns and collecting them was not something a JW should do. When I lived way up north US it was more of a deer hunting group and so some guns were OK, when I moved to Florida it was different. Most people in the hall were not hunters. My guns were some for hunting although I don't hunt any longer. I don't like killing animals, would rather watch them. But I carry a gun for SD. and keep a few loaded in around the home. I wrote some letters to the cult asking to clarify their position on the issue years ago. They could not answer my questions very well and it was just the old crap "it wold be better to be killed then bring reproach on Jehovah's name. " Anyone here carry CCW [concealed hand gun]?

  • Londo111

    I grew up in a semirural area. My father was from the mountains and when his family visited or he went to visit them, he hunted as their culture is. My maternal grandfather had rifle, mainly for predatory animals or to ease the suffering of domestic animals. They were both elders.

    Personally, I don't like killing animals and have no need to. I can simply go to the store and afford the food I need. And I'm not in a warzone, so I don't need to worry about self defense.

  • redvip2000

    It's all arbitrary bullshit.

    If the cult concedes that a person has the right to defend itself, which i believe they do, they by default, you have to be ok with gun ownership. A gun is just one of the many ways to protect yourself.

    These positions should be taken on principle, not on objects.

  • Simon

    We lived on a farm and had rifles and shotguns, some in the KH thought that was "wrong". What the rules are will depend on where you live. It's like claiming people shouldn't have knives because they are like swords / weapons - comes down to how you use 'em.

  • FedUpJW

    They could not answer my questions very well and it was just the old crap "it wold be better to be killed then bring reproach on Jehovah's name. " Anyone here carry CCW [concealed hand gun]?

    Yes. I have a small "arsenal". Mostly historic firearms from the 1800's. Although I do carry a .45 semi-auto. I have found it is lighter and easier to carry than a cop. And JW's always preach about sins of omission being just as bad as sins of commission. So I refuse to "be killed" by not doing anything when I may have the means to protect my life. It is just as important as some a55hole criminal who would never be punished for his crime. That is not bringing reproach on anyone.

    *** g 6/08 p. 11 When Is Self-Defense Justified? ***
    The Bible thus indicates that a person may defend himself or his family if physically assaulted. He may ward off blows, restrain the attacker, or even strike a blow to stun or incapacitate him. The intention would be to neutralize the aggression or stop the attack. This being the case, if the aggressor was seriously harmed or killed in such a situation, his death would be accidental and not deliberate

  • blownaway

    Not according to a letter I received from the cult when I sent in a question about just that.

  • blownaway


    Out of regard for those principles, spiritually mature Christians choose not to keep a firearm for protection against other humans. They know that true and lasting security comes to those who demonstrate trust in God by living in harmony with Bible principles.‚Äč

  • TD

    Owning a firearm, hunting with a firearm, and self defense with a firearm are three closely related, but entirely different questions.

    The JW's came down on guns in the early 80's, but had to back off on hunting because the whole world is not Madison Avenue and it's a hardship on Native American and Intuit people to tell them they can't take their yearly allotment of game.

    JW's aren't pacifists in the technical sense, but they are very close to it, as they are still very much against self-defense. --Especially with a firearm.

  • truth_b_known

    I grew up in Minnesota and California. Both congregations I belonged to in those states had Witnesses who owned rifles/shotguns for hunting. My dad forbid firearms in our house, not because he is opposed to it, but my mother is. She has an unnatural fear of firearms.

    I secretly owned an AK-47 and a SIG P220 handgun as a witness. Carrying of firearms to protect yourself is not forbidden - you just won't have extended privileges or hold position in the organization. That's why I did not become a cop while I was in. Huge mistake.

    I learned in the police academy that Romans 13:1-7 is referred to as the "Police Officer" scripture by most churches. I learned that "Thou Shall Not Kill" is a mistranslated version of "Thou Shall Not Murder". There is a difference.

    How can you be a minister of God and carry a sword he gives you to use against those who break the law while simultaneously go against scriptural principles?

  • TD

    The JW's were so eager to demonize firearms at the time (1982 & 83) that they claimed that Jesus' inclusion of a sword along with money and a traveler's bag as things his disciples should have (Luke 22:36) was actually to fulfill Isaiah 53:12 "...and he was reckoned among lawless ones."

    This was completely, 100% wrong even for the JW's, but rather than correct it, they simply never mentioned it again.

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