VIDEO: Queensland - Durack Kingdom Hall - 30th Anniversary

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  • Bibliogal

    Hi, been here before in the days. Long time lurking here though. I remember the Durack KH in the 80's. It used to be the Inala one before the upgrade.

    I remember Marcus Osbourne as well. He always seemed OK to me. My ex husband was/is a sociopath, and Marcus and his wife used to listen to me rant!

    Long story short - my 2 kids don't talk to me anymore. The youngest went back in, and the eldest just adores his father! But living well is the best revenge. To my knowledge, never been DS, not that i care.

    Come back to the area, well, Ipswich, after long time away. Not sure why I look in here every now and then, just wondering when the Borg (see, got the lingo down!) will be assimilated back into the Federation! (Start Trek references as well)!

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