VIDEO: Queensland - Durack Kingdom Hall - 30th Anniversary

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  • darkspilver

    This newly released original 1987 archival footage - with voice-over narration, commentary and interviews with those involved - takes an in depth look at both the history of the Durack Kingdom Hall and the construction of the current Kingdom Hall that culminated over two weekends in January 1987.

    The original Kingdom Hall in Durack dates back to 1960 - but as the JWs continued to experience growth in Australia - increasing by some 280% over the following 25 years, it was felt that a new, larger, Kingdom Hall was now needed.

    The new Kingdom Hall was built in January 1987, but rather than simply pull-down the original Kingdom Hall, they decided to incorporate it within the new Kingdom Hall and have a somewhat large auditorium.

    Another interesting feature of this Kingdom Hall is the tiered seating used for the back few rows (for example see Part 3 around 12:35 and Part 4 around 10:50)

    (see also the thread from last December - Video Queensland Strathpine KH 30th anniversary )

    Durack Kingdom Hall, 20 Freeman Road, Durack, Brisbane, QLD 4077
    Google Map:

  • Finkelstein

    ....and whats the point of this thread ????

  • Listener

    They look like a bunch of normal Aussies in those films. Their clothing really date them to the 80s. I wonder what tight pants Tony would have to say about all those 'short, shorts' on both the females and males as well as the tank tops and blokes without any tops.

  • darkspilver

    Listener: 'short, shorts' on both the females and males as well as the tank tops and blokes without any tops.

    haha! exactly! does rather stand out... they wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the KH nowadays. Interesting how things have changed.

    Finkelstein: whats the point of this thread ????

    Cool, yes that's a good question.

    I knew before starting this thread that it would be of limited interest - I endeavoured to make the thread title brief but as informative as possible - so those interested could click on it, and those not interested could simply ignore it.

    Although rather grainy, the presentation is IMHO fairly well done, and is actually quite watchable. The footage IMHO is also of historical interest, both for those familiar with what was done back then, and for newer people less familiar with how the 'quick-builds' operated in those early days. (Including, as Listener has pointed out above, the 'dress-code' they allowed back then).

    I think there might even actually be some forum members here who come from QLD (!), so there might be a very very slight possibility that they might even possibily be in one of the videos - yes, it's a very very slight possibility, I know, the world ain't that small - otherwise they might know some of the people who are in the video.

    The tiered seating for the back rows of seats in the main auditorium - as I highlighted in my OP - is also fairly unique in a 'new-build'? Or maybe it's Australian? I don't know? I was wondering if I'd get feed back on that....

    So, no not terribly exciting, I'm sorry. I do think before posting a new thread if it's worth posting it or not, and sometimes I don't think it is, so I don't post it. But I take your point - next time I will try to be a bit more specific regarding the reasons why I've started a new thread.

  • Finkelstein

    I think most people who were or are still JWS know about quick builds, including myself, so I couldn't see the relevance toward posting these videos.

    Tiered seating in Halls isn't that unique I helped to build one myself back in the 1980's.

  • smiddy

    I looked through them just to see if I recognised anybody i knew and found only one Marcus Osbourne.

  • finallysomepride

    Part 1 6:20 in, jw on truck gives a salute

    That was 6:20 I won't get back

  • stuckinarut2

    And what is the condition of that congregation now?

    Is it still in existence, or has the society taken possession of that hall and sold it?

  • darkspilver

    stuckinarut2: Is it still in existence, or has the society taken possession of that hall and sold it?

    I included a link to Google StreetView in my OP - so you can see what it looks like nowadays.

    According to jw/org there appears to be currently four congregations using this KH

    • English Oxley Congregation (incl Tagalog Group)
    • English Inala Congregation
    • Samoan Durack Congregation
    • Vietnamese Brisbane West Congregation
  • siveld

    I live locally and must say that the local congregations seem to have lost their zest for the door to door service.

    I have had more Mormon visitors than JW's. I do see JW's around the area manning book stands from time to time in public places, though. I live about a 5 minute drive from the KH in the video, though I have never been in.

    I am a long term fadeaway. Any locals who are fading away, or thinking about it, feel free to PM me for a chat or to arrange to meet up.

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