little acts of kindness.

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    They weren't kind! If they were, they'd be doing the kindest thing you can do for anyone: preaching the good news of the kingdom! They didn't, so Jehovah is going to slaughter them and their children!

    But seriously . . . Yes the world is bad, but the world is also very good. It all depends on what and who you focus on. "Love never fails."

  • Giordano

    The direct route for my best life time experiences and relationships is founded on my marriage and my volunteer activities.

    Having positive relationships with people for decades........ be it family or close friends ........always reminds me that I and they have real value.

  • millie210
    Just had a coffee on way home when two young mums with babys in strollers came in with the usual bags and stuff for the little ones needs. I recall our days of little ones and the times we rarely went out.
    I bought a coffee voucher for each mum and gave them my best wishes. I delight in doing random acts of kindness.
    I wish everyone here as well a safe and happy Christmas/ new year time. Hugs!
    Live long and prosper peace unto you all

    Wonderful Zeb.

    I have been rushing about all distracted lately...I will deliberately seek out a kind moment I can give to someone today - all thanks to you and your post.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    you would better have told her about JWs, everlasting life and all the business

  • zeb

    I didn't expect much of a response but wow! I think I have started something.. so please keep these coming in.. make this a running feature for every kindness revealed helps others..

    live long and prosper in peace.


  • zeb

    We have had a stray cat visiting for food. I got a glimpse and lean and hungry it is. So we put out some food for it. Its better than it eating native lizards and birds.

  • nonjwspouse

    I, too, have been on the receiving end of Zeb's kindness.

    Such a wonderful person you are Zeb :-)

  • nonjwspouse

    I play a "pay it forward" game when I go to the Aldi store. I try to always start a give it forward cart. I place a quarter in the cart chain to get one for my shopping trip, but when I am done I find someone walking in and hand it over. When they try to give me a quarter I just tell them to " pass it along" to the next person.

    The smile i get it always nice.

  • zeb

    Met a lady recently. She reminded me of the choc I had bought her two kids with the time and place. Being, some months ago. Then I remembered. She went on to say that the very afternoon "I had had the worst news" (didn't tell me what) and then she said "with my head spinning we went for a coffee and you 'arrived'. Your act lifted me no end."

    I don't know her name but I like to think I was used, or sensed to perform this random act of kindness.

    live long and prosper in peace.

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