FMF: A Wake Up Story

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  • Bonsai
    Thanks for sharing FMF. It is especially meaningful to me because we went through similar events and experiences that led us to the same conclusions.
  • Pistoff

    Great post FMF.

    I have wondered the same thing; is the truth so fragile it can't stand up to arguments from those who have left?

  • freemindfade

    Many have asked about the crazy talk from the brother from the GB's hall. Giving away some of the details may give me a way a bit but whatever. And i will do my best to recall everything crazy.

    Lets begin.

    So for starters this guy was grotesque, which really doesn't matter I guess, but it seemed to go hand in hand with his insanity so I'll say it. He used crutches to get to the stage. His family say in the back row, I was off to the left in the way way back on the isle, so behind them. His wife, sets up a tripod and camera to record his talk. She looked insane as well, some people just give off crazy.

    He gets on stage, talk is about to start, as I lean down to put my books under the seat, this clown makes a machine gun sound with his, mouth, into the mic (this was how his talk started) and it was loud, like really really loud, and he starts screaming "allah akbar allah akbar!!!" loud as holy hell. Babies are crying, and everyone is looking around like WTF. Now as strange and mental as that is, when you consider the hall he was giving this part in it was next level. This particular neighborhood

    1. Had a ton of firefighters and police who lost their life during 9/11. In fact one of the elders was in one of the towers and survived.
    2. The neighborhood that was once was not, was not daily becoming more and more occupied by muslim's. Like a lot. And a lot of them from palestine, not the passive ones. Someone in the neighborhood had a license plate that read 'HAMA', needless to say the DMV revoked it after outcry.

    So anyway, some of you new yorkers may know where I was, please only address it to me in PM. But these two things alone show that this was not the place for that, no place was, but especially not there.

    He said other totally bizarre things, he eluded to himself (in his words) as "sexy".

    He also said some misogynistic things about women, i can't remember it all, but the talk was straight crazy and incoherent. The elder body asked him to never return and probably also had some influence in him never giving a talk outside his own hall again. Not the only wacko I met from the GB's hall. All the crazies flocked there to worship the magnificent 7.

  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige

    Sorry FMF, I had to dislike that post.

    WHO DOES THAT!? That's bat shit crazy!

  • freemindfade
    The whole congregation was stunned. This is someone appointed in the hall of the GB.
  • Vidiot
    You know what they say, "the apple never falls far from the tree".
  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    FMF, I can see why you didn't want to tell that story at first. For what it is worth, I believe it. After reading Ray Franz's book and the experience regarding the disfellowshipping of the 90 something year old brother after a lifetime of service and sacrifice for Jehovah in Brooklyn under the noses of the GB, nothing surprises me. Also I went to Brooklyn Bethel for a tour in 1995 and felt the "vibe". Not the vibe I expected. It was the beginning of my slackening off before any real research. The closer tot the top, it seems, the worse it is. When I came home to Australia, everyone thought I would be enthused for the org. The only thing I was enthused about was not going back.

  • Simon
    Great write up :thumbsup:

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