Circuit Assembly this past weekend

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  • Jourles

    This past weekend we had our circuit assembly. You guessed it, same ol' same ol.' On Saturday, the overall theme was based on Materialism. How can we do more in the ministry without spending more time at work to pay for our new "Big-screen HDTV Plasma tv?" Yes, this was actually used as an example. Do we really need that big SUV or luxury import when a small or mid-sized sedan will do the same job? Brothers, do we have to have the latest and greatest gadgets and also compete with each other to see how small and "cool" our little handheld computers can get? Yep, these were used as examples too. It seems that some are spending a lot of money to have the newest toys and others in the congregation are being stumbled because they do not have the funds to buy the same things. Others are getting into serious debt and are not able to pay back their debtors. Those who do not pay back what they borrow are classed as "wicked ones."

    Sunday was a bit more interesting. The theme for yesterday was trusting in Jehovah for everything. At most assemblies in the past, families would get up on stage and relate how "spiritual" they were. Example - "We get up at 5 am each morning as a family and do our daily text. On Saturday nights during our WT study, if someone calls and invites us to go bowling, we decline because our study comes first." Yesterday was a complete 180. There were two instances of a bro and a sis where they both lost loved ones in the past few months. The bro actually lost his father, bro-in-law, and his home to a fire, all within the last 3 months. Two other sisters related how they had severe depression and one of them said that was the reason that her and her husband had to leave bethel. None of the experiences were full-on uplifting to say the least. They were actually good for making everyone in the audience feel guilty for not doing better like these folks were, considering their circumstances. Hell, even I felt a twinge of guilt, but I got over it pretty quick after I slapped myself mentally upside the head.

    For the part, "Paying attention to the needs of the circuit," the CO spoke about the current inactive work that is taking place over a three month period. He said that in one particular area of the USA, there is a circuit that has the equivalent of 5 congregations of inactive ones. Damn, I was impressed! Where is this area at? I'm sure some of you here are in that circuit.

    Not much else was new. It was basically the same thing rehashed like usual. Oh, did anyone ever notice when they give the account statement for the assembly that there is ALWAYS a deficit? When the announcements were being given Sunday afternoon and he was getting into the money part, I nudged my wife and said, "...leaving us with a deficit of..." she just gave me a sneer and said "How do you know there is going to be a deficit?" I told her there is always a deficit. "It doesn't matter how much is 'on-hand, in the bank and with the Society' prior to the assembly," there is always a deficit come Sunday.

    Sure enough, we had a deficit of $800.....

  • AlanF

    Interesting news, Jourles.

    The permanent deficit is there by design. The Society tells the elders who handle the finances (not directly but in so many words) to create a deficit just before the final part of the program, by allocating enough money for a direct contribution to the Society that a deficit is created. Naturally, actual financial details are not disclosed to the poor dumb Dubs, and the Society couldn't possibly be so underhanded, so they have no idea they're being hoodwinked.


  • Gopher


    At the circuit assemblies I attended, I noticed that too -- that they NEVER announced a surplus during the announcement following the Sunday morning session.

    Of course the elders would always meet on Saturday afternoon and vote to "donate" a large amount of money to the WT Society, regardless of the financial shape the circuit was in. Did any elders dare vote AGAINST the motion to "donate" to the WTS? It seems to me that was the key purpose of the sessions, to make money for the WTS....

    But when they made that poor-mouthing "deficit" announcement on Sunday, of course they hadn't counted the collections from those flimsy cardboard boxes with a nice large opening on top. So the post-morning session and post-afternoon session "contributions" would usually make up the deficit with some to spare going in to the next assembly or special assembly day.

  • 95stormfront

    Great report...

    But boy, how you can stand to sit there and listen to all that dribble for the 587956543276543546576th time is beyond conprehension. I couldn't stand to sit there listening to that nonsense for 2 hours.....much less 2 days..

    It never occurred to me that there were always deficits following the Sunday meetings. Is there really some type of formula where deficits are always built in by the Elders to elicit more money.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    They also haven't counted the receipts for the last half day, easy to get a deficit that way.

  • ThiChi

    Alan F hit it right on the head. When the Elders meet, they pay for the CO’s expenses and then vote a resolution to send the WT a certain amount of $$, no matter what is in the bank or what will be collected in total. Also the society charges about $5.00 a head off the top.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Wait, I went to that assembly in 1986. (and '85, and 84, and 83, and '82 and so on and so on). I guess it's still evil to have a Commodore 64.

  • garybuss
    Also the society charges about $5.00 a head off the top.

    Huh? What's this?

  • Maverick

    I never got the materialism partyline with the J-duds. They use it as a excuse to live poorly. I have a little saying about this," Our God is materially rich beyond measure. If He willed, every human who had ever lived could be given a different galaxy." So what is an SUV, or in my case a custom Jaguar, compared to the cosmos! Maverick

  • ThiChi

    Yes, its true. That is one of the reasons the attendants take a count! Attendees x $5.00 = $$$$. Then, over and above that amount, we make a resolution to contribute to the WWW. I have seen where we did have some extra cash in the bank, "hey lets send that too!"

    Norco is a good example, it was cheaper to rent an assembly hall in Indio, CA, than to rent our own, new Hall in Norco from the WT!!! The WT charged by the head when they own the Hall!

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