Rainy Days & Monday Mornings

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  • Outaservice

    Most normal people I know, and am around look forward to the weekend and nice weather. Not me! Even though I have not been a publisher for many years now, I still assoicate week-ends with taking the group out in service and baby sitting a lot of the kids from the Hall. What a pleasure Monday mornings were when I could go back to work!

    Also, nothing was greater than a stormy blizzard in the winter or a thunderstorm in the summer on a Saturday morning. Then I could not participate in regular door to door ministry. Sat in the coffee shop extra long! (ate doughnuts)

    Am I wierd, or do others of you out there still feel the same today even if you have not been a JW for years? This must be programmed into my brain even though others think you're a little 'nuts'! I like to think I'm not the only one!


  • TMS

    Its the same old "snow during school" syndrome. It's delicious freedom. The cancelled book study. The no-show meeting for service. Sometimes, the meeting before Memorial so it won't "detract" from that special occasion.

    Old feelings die hard.


  • slipnslidemaster

    I LOVE the weekends now, but I still HATE Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    I am working on liking Thursdays because I can watch Friends or Survivor now, but I think that I will always hate Tuesdays.

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • VeniceIT

    Your weird any way 'outaservice' . HAHAHA I used to get sick every Tuesday, never could figure it out! hmmm well now I know. I don't hate them though! At 7:30pm I usually throw my head back and laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAH!!!!


  • JW72

    I tell u what is wierd, I used to feel sick on tuesdays too.
    Does anyone else remember thinking that the group 'on the other side of town' was better than yours???
    More young people or whatever!
    Hahaha what lovely memories...........
    Revelation book was a bit of a stinker for 14 year old!!!!!!!!!

    Never mind
    Cancelled meetings Mmmmmmmmm..............


  • VeniceIT

    We had bookstudy at our house for who knows how many years, every Thursday night I was practically praying no one would show up. Sometimes it would be like 7:26 and no one was here I felt if no ones here at 7:30, lights out door locked. But inverable a few big familys would slip in at 7:28!!!!! NEVER not even ONCE did no one show up!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!


  • slipnslidemaster
    would slip in


    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • anglise

    Hi venice
    We too had the BS at our house.
    Our group was made up of a lot of sisters in divided homes so there whereseveral occasions when nobody turned up.
    Guess what, we still did the study as a family even though we had studied it together, how sad is that?
    We just tried too hard to get it right.
    Now we just love the freedom of weekends to choose what to do.
    Couldnt ever go to a bootfair they are always Sat and Sun, and I always used to get uptight driving to the Sun morning meeting and passing other people doing normal things and having fun.
    It took a long time to loose the guilt on meeting days after we left the org.

  • mommy

    I used to pray for a natural disaster to hit, just on Saturday and Sunday. I loved going to school, and dreaded summer vacations. And no I didn't wear a pocket protector It took me a long time to really enjoy the weekend, guilt takes awhile to lose. But I am fully recovered, and look forward to the weekends.Thursdays still have a hold on me though, of course it is because ER is on

  • Latte

    Outaservice and all.

    I can't believe it that we all feel the same!

    I used to dread the weekend, especially Sundays. I was so glad that the weekend was over, to go back to my fultime job. yes, the guilt would be terrible if you dared 'take a day off' in the Summer to go out for a day.....it just was'nt worth it.(well, yes actually it was ) You would have to get ready for the many questions asking where you were, the freedom now is truly fantastic.

    The people like ourselves that post on the internet sites really helped me to loose the guilt quite quickley, so THANK YOU all for posting!!


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