Are there close parallels between Deuteronomy 32:8, Genesis 10 and the Ugaritic tablets?

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  • I_love_Jeff

    Thank you Mr. OrphanCrow.

  • OrphanCrow

    You are most welcome, Mr. I_love_Jeff.

    The Ugarit texts are quite fascinating.

    I had the privilege (and pleasure) of taking a class from Dr. Foley in 1993/4 (?). At the time, he had a dig in Ugarit that he visited every second summer. I wish I could understand all that he taught and I wish I could remember everything that he lectured about. I do remember, though, that he was an incredible person and really, really smart.

    Dr. Foley was responsible for demystifying the Old Testament for me. I owe a lot to him

  • I_love_Jeff

    I will research Dr. Foley's information!! INCREDIBLE!! Thank you again!

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