Are there close parallels between Deuteronomy 32:8, Genesis 10 and the Ugaritic tablets?

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  • I_love_Jeff

    According to these sources (City of Ancient Ugaritic tablets found in 1928) , Elyon divided up all the nations into seventy nations, one for each of his sons (Elim)

    Sons of God makes the most sense than the Sons of Israel-Deut. 32:8 ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE WAS NO NATION OF ISRAEL listed in the Table of Nations. Genesis 10-11

    Not sure why the Jehovahs are not answering me. Hummmm

  • Phizzy

    The "Jehovah's" don't have a clue what you are talking about, let alone how to answer you.

    I find it fascinating to see how the later monotheistic Scribes covered over the evolution of Israel's Theology, of course, Monotheism was not accepted by the Am'haarets, the agricultural ordinary people until very late.

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah way over the head of JWs as they don’t have a clue about anything not told to them by their leaders.

    Can you list the source for your Ugaritic comment? I know of an older Septuagint text that stated that the sons of god were allocated the nations but didn’t know they found a similar text at Ugarit.

  • smiddy3

    Leolaia had some interesting thoughts on the Ugaritic tablets she made 14 years ago in two posts if anyone`s interested , not to undermine your post I-Love_Jeff ,but to enhance it and elaborate on your post,

    Especially for the many newbies that have joined this forum in recent years who are interested in the so many other writings ,texts ,that existed even before and after the books of the Bible were penned.

  • venus

    Book of Deuteronomy is bound to carry wrong notions. Look at its very essence—it presents God as a Law Giver which is unlikely to be true. God would not make Laws for humans because He knows that it is the intention behind the action that makes an action right or wrong (not the action itself which is often neutral in nature). Only the doer knows his intention behind his action; hence knows which action to be performed and which action not to be performed.

  • OrphanCrow

    You might find this interesting:

    The Gracious Gods and the Royal Ideology of Ugarit

    In this dissertation, Dr. Foley argues for the "gracious gods" in the Ugarit text as being a royal apologia.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    The text at Duet 32 says when the MOST HIGH El Elyon separated the people of the earth he set their boundaries according to the number of the Israelites... for YHWH's prtion is his people... I'm paraphrasing but note that El is the top dog... YHWH is the god of Israel and you could apply this to any nation in the area ... say Moab>>>

    >>When El Elyon separated the people he set their number according to the Moabites for Chemosh's portion is his people. etc.<<

    This is a fairly early text (likely exilic) that portrays El as top god and YHWH as on of his 70 sons.

    As for the Genesis 10 reference this is a table of nations and the story is similar to what you have seen only YHWH is doing the dividing.This text is quite a bit later noting the Grecian names contained.

  • Crazyguy

    Genesis was most likely written after Deuteronomy. The list of patriarchs Noah back to Adam is extended by two names from the earlier Sumerian writtings about a great flood.

    About the time of Berrous is when this seemed to happen and Howthebiblewascreated had mentioned to me is was also at this time that the demensions of the ark in the Genesis story become what they are today, for earlier stories make the ark many different sizes but nothing like the Ark of Genesis.

    One has to remember that the Bible writtings have many instances where the writers took writtings from other sources to put into the Bible.

    Proverbs has connections to Ugarit and the writings of Amenope. Some of the psalms can be connected to Ugarit as well as parts of Daniel.

    The passover festival could possibly be connected to Ugarit. Genesis has similarities to that of the Enuma Elish and theres a bunch of stories from Ugarit and Sumeria that found there way into the Bible.

  • I_love_Jeff
  • I_love_Jeff

    "Ugaritic mythology plainly states that the head of its pantheon, El (who, like the God of the Bible, is also referred to as El Elyon, the "Most High") fathered seventy sons, 1 0 thereby specifying the number of the "sons of El" (Ugaritic, bn il). An unmistakable linguistic parallel with the Hebrew text underlying the Septuagint reading was thus discovered, one that prompted many scholars to accept the Septuagintal reading on logical and philological grounds—God (El Elyon in Deut. 32:8) divided the earth according to the number of heavenly beings who existed from before the time of creation. (Job 38:7 states that the heavenly host was present at creation.)

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