I Was Told To "Read Between The Lines"

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  • minimus

    In some Halls, it is the conscience of the elders that dictate whether a brother can have a beard or not. They are the ones that "read between the lines". That's why, in some Halls, you can do something that's forbidden in another Hall.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Technically, in all Halls its up to the elders what privileges a brother with a beard can have. It just so happens, purely by coincidence you understand, that almost every congregation will not allow a brother with a beard to have any privileges. But it does vary slightly from hall to hall.

  • happy man
    happy man

    Very intresting thing you tell, you still belive in Jehova, I am realy curius in what you belive, can you tell some more about this.

    have you then start a new religon, or do you think it is a pesonal,

    I can acept some of what you tell, it have realy amazed mee when i Reda on surten JW sites how they glorifie GB, in some way they have make ther one goldkalf, i dont think Jehova like this, and I dont se this here in sweden, not so much anyway.

    as we now thew Gb are ordinary peopel, if they try to put them self upp on high places , jehova will take them down, I am sure.

    we are all condemd invidually before jesus and can never claim this men told me to do so, i have always have this position, even if I not shout it out to evrybody.

    greetings froom HM

    heard from an sweden ex JW that something perhaps are going on inside the Gb to changes things, putt away some hard men fore exampel.

  • rocketman

    I think Room215 has it right. There are things that do not appear clear-cut in print but are nevertheless "enforced" to a great degree by the removal of privilages, etc. Conversely, most jws feel a need to 'soften' the words that appear in print. They 'rationalize' things like the example just given - "do more" becomes "do more - if you can". I always was rather perplexed by that tendency. Indeed, feeling the need to read between the lines just shows how unreasonable the printed edicts, suggestions, or whatever one might call them, really are.

  • NeonMadman
    So if it is a suggestion how can they not allow a brother to hold privileges if he decides not to take the "society's" "suggestion" and he keeps a beared?

    Because it's not really a "suggestion" at all. That's just the way they frame "commands" so that outsiders don't recognize them for the totalitarian cult they are.

  • NeonMadman
    have you then start a new religon,

    Typical JW response. After all, it's all about what organization you belong to, right? Funny how God forgot to put all that information about his organization into the Bible...

    or do you think it is a pesonal,

    John 14:6: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

    Can you imagine it getting any more personal than that?

  • minimus

    No new religion for me, happyman. Regarding the BG's, I mean the GB, they are exalted because they are THE GOVERNING BODY. Go against them. Disagree with them! We'll see how ordainary you'll think they are. Jehovah doesn't appoint the GB. The GB is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. You are not your own person if you believe in the organization.

  • BluesBrother

    Well said, Minimus. I am in a similar situation to you and if I had been asked - i would have said almost the same about my personal beliefs.

    I find that most long service dubs of my acquantance have settled down for the duration, despite what they say at the meeting. In their heart they now know they are facing retirement and old age. The hope is for a ressurection ,not live salvation into the New World . That is left to the young idealists .

  • minimus

    I agree that many longtime Witnesses no longer have zeal. They may go thru the motions but they really don't enthusiastically believe in anything anymore. They have read between the lines and realize we're all going nowhere fast.

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