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  • dottie


    I totally agree that the other topics bring heated discussion...but the other subjects that get heated are not currently everywhere we look, much like the war is right now...I know it easy to say turn off the tv, radio and don't read the papers, but maybe some just need a break form the war?

    Damn...It's still early on in the war, who knows how long this could go on for??

    Thanks for your honesty


  • borgfree


    Yes, I know what you mean about the war being the current topic. I had read several threads on the subject and thought about posting, I just decided to actually post on yours, didn't mean to be disagreeable.


  • dottie


    No worries!!!!! I didn't think of it as being disagreeable...not in the least

    (Too bad all wars couldn't be solved on the boards huh...)



    It's true, many threads can really get the forum hopping, and the 'war' one was no exception.

    Honestly, what saddens me sometimes, is when things get heated - people whom used to post so enjoyably to someones thread, may now be quite .

    I just hope we don't forget from whence we came.

    There have been posts that have not been in agreement with me, but I still remember ALL the others that were either complimentary or part of a commentary, for which I am glad they were on-side.

    Having been a JW, we all come with some amount of baggage; in turn, working through our exit from the Borg, I like to think we can facilitate on-going support for those who come to this forum seeking a listening ear and advice.

    It's easy to lose sight of what this forum is primarily about when international upheaval and unrest are upon us.

    Dottie, your post was wonderful. A little bit of grounding on a very warm topic.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've really struggled with how I feel about this war, and war in general. Of all the JW teachings, the one regarding neutrality feels like the one I want to keep. And yet I am torn between an abhorrence of war and the necessity of fighting evil. I have not resolved this one yet.

    But Dottie, your words are profound and I hope everyone here at least stops down to read your post.


  • onacruse

    Big Tex:

    Of all the JW teachings, the one regarding neutrality feels like the one I want to keep. And yet I am torn between an abhorrence of war and the necessity of fighting evil. I have not resolved this one yet.

    Perhaps this is one very particular way in which the war has a definite influence on us exJWs. The issues of totalitarian abuse and human degradation naturally tug at our sensitive hearts. But our voices to speak out against such atrocities have been silenced by a psychological force equal to or exceeding the dictatorial violations of Saddam.

    Breaking free from our own mental bonds can (within metaphorical limits) be compared to the freeing of the Iraqi people. The simple act of typing our opinions here...stepping up to the plate and taking a swing...that's a healing act.


  • searcher

    I have a few thoughts here.

    Reading the posts that end up as flamed, I see a trend.

    Some people seem to have a similar mindset to each other, no matter which ‘side’ they are on, it goes something like this…

    1, I have an opinion and will defend it to the death.

    2, I will state my opinion over and over.

    3, I will not listen to, or read anything that dis-agrees with my opinion because it is a lie.

    4, Anyone who disagrees with my opinion is a liar, misguided, blind etc.

    5, Excessive disagreement with my opinion will get the one disagreeing called names and insulted.

    6, My ‘side’ is always right, on everything.

    7, Your 'side' is always wrong, on everything.

    8, I can ‘prove’ my ‘side’ is right.

    9, Any proofs that you offer to show your ‘side’ is right will be dismissed out of hand.

    10, I will only listen to what you say if I can turn part of it into ‘proofs’ for my ‘side’.

    11, Anything you say that I cannot refute will be ignored.

    12, Because I believe what I believe, then it is true and always will be.

    I have seen that there is at least one organisation in the world that teaches its followers to behave in this way, and I wonder if people are following those teachings, or if they have that sort of mind anyway, or maybe a combination of both.

    It makes me sad that people cannot move away from the black/white thought process and grow into balanced human beings.

    Fortunately, there are only a few who act this way, so I believe there is hope.

    In hope



    Searcher, excellent follow-up. Again, I want to thank Dottie for an insightful post that started this off.

    I hope, as Searcher indicated, will get a few on the forum to step back and look at themselves introspectively first, and then look at others, perhaps differently afterward.

    Thanks Searcher, brilliant post!

  • searcher


    I did nothing but point out my observations, any credit due on this thread goes to dottie for bringing a little sanity to an overinflamed situation.


  • dottie

    Well thanks so much for the support and nice compliments. Like I said before I just felt that things had to be said and I'm glad that I could help. Thanks to those for the IM's and PM's.


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