New Years Resolutions

by cognac 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • cognac
    Celebrate now your cooking cognac, I like this idea. More sex, what do you suggest, that I invest in a vibrator?

    oh, that reminds me... I do want to learn how to cook... I have no idea how to count calories and all that crap. All I do is jog and not stop.... 😂😂😂😂

    hmmmmm, vibrator.... I don't have a ton of experience with those. I think it's a good idea. Do this... Go to the sex store, buy a ton of stuff. Try them all and report back with your findings... Actually, I should do this too and then we can compare notes, lol.

  • Sabin
    LOL, I just put that on another thread. Your on.
  • talesin

    The "Rabbit" is supposed to be quite the toy! Careful, though, as you can see, Charlotte needed an intervention. *snickers*

  • cognac

    I forgot one thing...

    Go out dancing much more. Like, right away. Forgot how much I loved it.

  • _Morpheus
    i resolve to cut the drama from my life :)
  • Esmeralda001

    1.gain a few pounds

    2. Avoid negativity

    3. Read the bible on a daily basis

    4. Get my first car.

  • DarioKehl
    I need to be more selfish
  • PlatinumFix
    @Esmeralda - Amen to get 1st car - VW golf or polo have fully decided which. What you thinking about getting Esmer? I'll stay away from Fiats and Citroens parts too expensive in UK :)
  • PlatinumFix
    Apologies cognac I didn't know you started a similar thread
  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Haha, Cognac, I want to do almost the opposite of you. Spend more time at home, gain weight, work less, and stop celebrating holidays out of a sense of obligation. Number 5 is good though.

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