Are You “Woke”?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, to answer the OP's question: no, I'm not part of 'woke culture'.

    While I accept that other people's opinions may be different than mine and that they may consider themselves part of woke culture, I'll be calling the intellectual dishonesty and excesses of woke culture out - you can bet on that.

  • WingCommander

    I'm "woke" to the fact this this new generation is doomed. Most idiotic lot I've ever seen. I weep for the future. (if there is one)

  • iwantoutnow

    NO - but I am all about Virtue Signaling :)

  • Simon

    Wokeness seems to be some sort of mental pathogen that turns people into joyless zombies.

    Woke people think they are superior to everyone because they are judgemental and can find something, anything, to criticize other people for. Don't imagine you can appease them, no one can be woke enough.

    They are just so tiresome ... although it is fun to play with them when you get the chance - they are not big on logical arguments so it's easy to tie them in knots.

  • punkofnice

    I hate the so called 'woke' hypocrisy.

    It reminds me of the micromanagement and policing of the elders from when I was a Jobo.

    Everything was offensive to the Jobos. Everything is offensive to the SJW scum.

  • JimmyYoung

    The "woke" garbage is total BS I have no white privilege and because some white guy 175 years ago owned some black guy means crap to anyone living today. Its pure history. To say because you are white today you have privilege is total fictitious. Woke is a fake term meaning only whites can be racist and you agree with this BS. Blacks are just as racist as whites as are other races. I and many others totally reject it.

  • minimus

    Being woke definitely has racial origins. And yes, it should not be just whites that need to be enlightened.

  • GoUnion


    Obviously you have never driven while black. A black friend of mine got pulled over while on a business trip here in the midwest. Officer right away stated he could smell weed, called for backup, a routine traffic stop turned into a whole ordeal. I start talking to her family about it and I was stunned how many of them have been pulled over. Myself? Once.

    I'm not saying things are as bad as they used to be, but go and meet some people with different backgrounds before you start with such nonsense.

    I dont know whatwoke is exactly, I prefer to use common sense and try to challenge my beliefs.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    The sad thing about woke culture is that it has a real visible effect on everyone else. For instance, in Ottawa (Canada), a teacher in a class asked her 6 year old students to position themselves on a boy to girl spectrum and than stated that there wee no boys and girls. Then went on to introduce them to the concept of non binaries.

    How the heck to you want kids to understand that kind a thing? Seriously?

    Pissed off parents complained to the school board and the schoolboard stands behind the teacher.

    Because 0.001% of the population don't identify as man or woman, lets raise the kids to believe that they are neither.


  • minimus

    Step, it is RIDICULOUS

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