Unspeakable arrogance - As Usual

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  • LongHairGal


    Even though I didn’t specifically leave the religion for this reason, I’m glad I’m not around to deal with the aftermath of Witnesses who didn’t work sufficiently to plan for their retirement because “Armageddon” was coming and they supposedly didn’t need to.

    I’m sure it is a common occurrence in many kingdom halls that anybody who looks halfway decent or anybody with a job is constantly being hit up for money for people who never really wanted to work. They got a lot of nerve!!!. As somebody who was considered “not-spiritual” because I had a full time job (which I’m glad I held on to), I would NEVER tolerate these fools coming up to me!

    I had this conversation with an old JW friend not long ago. They didn’t like what I said but that’s too bad. I’m sure this is the handwriting on the wall in the religion nowadays!

  • john.prestor

    Ita disengenuous for whoever wrote that article to repeat the same line they heard as kids to the latest generation as if it's fresh off the press when any Witness could dig this very same article (slightly reworded) out of a box of old Watchtowers in their basement or find it in some bound book in the Kingdom Hall library.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The WTS needs a bunch of uneducated, non-thinking, young people who will be caught up into thinking that the only way to have a better life is to be a loyal JW after Armageddon when Joe Hoover will just rain down all their daily needs and every desire of their heart upon them.........miraculously. Very Soon.

  • Giordano
    "It is not difficult to identify the double standard behind this stance on higher education. Jehovah’s Witnesses make full use of educated professionals, and would not think of undergoing surgery or boarding an aircraft if the surgeon or pilot did not have the relevant degrees and accreditation's.
    The hypocrisy is greater when considering Watchtower headquarters requires and actively seeks out Jehovah’s Witnesses with university degrees and professional accreditation.
    On a periodic basis, Watchtower beseeches congregations for brothers with professional degrees to volunteer.

    A letter was sent from the Australian Branch to Congregation Service Committees, dated 18th November 2015. It asked, “We confidentially seek your assistance in identifying spiritually mature baptized individuals in the local congregation who are also qualified as solicitors, barristers, certified practicing accountants or charted accountants. We request you not to speak directly to any publisher in the congregation who you feel fit this criteria …”

    The Service Committee was expected to send a list of intricate details on any individuals that fit the criteria.


    You'll have to scroll way down for this info and citations.

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