White man`s religion

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  • Moxy

    There is something else important that makes it a white/american religion in asia and america. the elite are white. those of us living in north america and W europe who are relatively young probably felt a bit awed at the few anointed we met. imagine living in a country where you NEVER met one and the one time you saw one from a distance, or giving a talk you had that sense of awe. the anointed are pretty much all white. the missionaries as well (to a lesser degree) and this would be the elite that asians and africans would have more regular contact with. my experiences in japan give me the impression that these white missionary roots still run deep in the psyche of japanese JWs. perhaps JWD can elaborate.


  • JWD

    As to the role of White missionaries in Japan, since WWII white(mostly North American) missionaries have had a big impact in Japan.
    A recent example would be the boom in `Christian style` weddings. In
    the cities a full 80% of all weddings are `chapel` weddings with a
    premium being placed on `White` foreigners doing the service. It fits
    the mystic which has been built partly by Hollywood and partly by
    virtue of many Japanese traveling abroad.As far as the WT is concerned; currently very few missionaries play a role in the work
    here.They did in the 50`s and 60`s, but from the 80`s on there was
    a strong growth in numbers and even leadership positions were turned
    over to Japanese bros.The head here in Japan is a man named Oda-san.
    However,the indirect influence of `western culture` is still all to
    very obvious in the WT.Everywhere from the photos of Americans plastered all over the literature to the style of dress and the methods of operations. For example, going door-to-door; while some
    other religions do it, it is not at all a natural way of approaching
    people in Japan.Most transactions of anything important take place
    on a personal, `someone-you-can-trust` type of basis.The cold call to
    someone`s home is exceedingly un-natural.The only reason it worked for
    a time is that JWs were very persistent and forcibly built `trust`
    relationships over time.Interestingly, that is no longer working here
    now so the Kingdom Ministry is urging bros. to take advantage of
    already existing relationships to get new studies going.
    Another interesting topic raised was the similarities between the WT
    and the Catholic Church. It has perhaps been touched on before, but is
    worth another look sometime. JWD

  • sableindian

    The worship of America and American things is called "Cargo Cultism" This can also be perceived in Blacks thinking White is better. That is what I found in associating with JWs. I found that to be oneself, physically was to be considered "worldly". The way you spoke, the texture of your hair, the ethnic clothes, your culture, your heritage and the knowledge there of, all had to change to the prevailing race of the moment. Which happened to be White.

    Also when my great grandfather was young, the White boys in the area (Kathlene, GA) would hold him down and cut his hair. Eventually, he just stopped wearing his hair long. I visited a male friend of my from the Navajo and he became a JW. He cut his hair short to be "a brother". I broke down and cried. How many Whites have had to change their culture to be a JW? I wonder.

    And yes, if they are still teaching by deed that White is better and anything else is worldly and others accept it, then JW is a CULT within itself.

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