Bethel is reading, so lets give them a count, How many people here NOW are

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  • Its so simple
    Its so simple

    active JW's that are catching on to the geisers back on the farm?

  • Its so simple
    Its so simple

    Should that be "geezers"?

  • mouthy

    here is one geezer>>>Hold up hand

  • rocketman

    how about 'attends some meetings but is not active in door-door'?

  • TemeculaMole

    count me..but dont tell anyone...shhhhhh

  • SheilaM

    Not active, Not worried, Sure they are Geezers


    Give Bethel nothing..If they want to find out who we are,let them search...OUTLAW

  • Francois

    Actually, Outlaw, this place is perfect for sending messages to the JWs. They read us all the time to see what's going on in the apostate community. Not that they would understand it very much since once the mind is bent in a particular way, it's awfully hard to get it straightenen out once again.

    I wonder how they feel about the fact that there is such a large, close-knit community of people who have got the goods on the entire JW phenomena and who are just watching and waiting for their evil house of cards to come crumbling down. It must take some guts to read here and see what the truth about them really is. Must be tough.



    Hey Francois,posting to JW`s is admirable,I encourage it.They are the people we`ve had to leave behind.There are many good people trapped in a bullshit religion..As far as giving WBTS any information about us..No Way!..They`d let a real dub die in a heartbeat for things they do on a daily basis..They`ve made a fortune peddling crap they obviously have no use for..Give the bastard WBTS hypocrates nothing..It`s good you care for people who are just like us,but thats my point..The WBTS is not like us,they believe they are above us,and are willing to sacrifice us for their own profit..Ching!!$$$$$...OUTLAW

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    If Bethel is really reading this, there is only one thing I'd like to ask: Do the letters F.O. mean anything to you?

    You *$#@!!!!!

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