Is it OK to teach your children that Homosexuality is wrong?

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  • tiki

    My take on it.....teach kids to be kind and compassionate to all. Humans have such a tendency to be judgmental and love to back up their views with religion, political stances...whatever they feel agreeable to them. This kind of thinking is divisive ultimately. Unless someone is an overt criminal....leave it be. Sexual preferences are personal....and what the next guy does and who he does it with is none of anyone's business but his. We are responsible for the actions of only one person...ourself. And we alone bear the ramifications of our choices...good and bad. Teach your kids to be caring and empathetic...not judgmental and self righteous.

  • Xanthippe

    Some say that being gay is not natural or beneficial biologically for humankind because it doesn't produce children.

    Look at all the children that are produced in this world by straight couples without any concern for contraception because of religious or cultural beliefs. Children that don't have enough to eat, fresh water to drink or access to education.

    I'm not talking about just Africa or India either. On the local authority housing estate I grew up on in the UK one family had thirteen children, they were all thin and dirty. How is being able to naturally produce children by the dozen that you can't afford to feed a good thing?

    People have a weird idea of what is good and natural. Disease is natural, earthquakes are natural. We have tried to made this world a decent place to live for everyone often by fighting what is so-called natural.

  • Simon

    It terrible and bigoted to teach that homosexuality is wrong ... if you're a Christian.

    But if you're a Muslim, it's fine to teach that it's not only wrong but warrants execution.

    It's then terrible and bigoted to criticize their Islamic views and teachings that homosexuality is wrong ... and Islamophobic as well.

    I'm working on my wokeness - am I doing it right?

  • ScottyRex

    Perfect Simon!!!

  • cofty

    Xant - You demolished your own argument.

  • redvip2000
    My take on it.....teach kids to be kind and compassionate to all.

    Yup, pretty much.

    And in reality, what makes anybody think that older generations should be teaching younger generations anything about tolerance, inclusiveness, and acceptance?

    The fact is that as you go back generation after generation, each is more bigoted, and more close-minded. If anything, kids should probably be teaching their parents to abandon their idiotic close-minded notions, and actually many of them do.

    Dare i say that I suspect many even on this message board that have these intolerant views are not exactly spring chickens.

  • steve2

    Good point Simon - although there is an emerging voice from among ex-Muslims in the West who are learning to express their views.

    As for me, I feel better able to question/criticise "Christianity"'s traditional view on sexuality because it is my own background. As John Cleese recently said when asked why he pokes fun at Chrsitianity and not Islam: "Christianity informed my earliest learning and upbringing - I question it because I know it and have lived it."

    But in general, you express a view that has not been adequately acknowledged let alone addressed by "liberals".

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