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  • Gorbatchov

    Today I read a news topic about the Pope in the US. Of course, we were all indoctrinated that the Pope is the Devil himself. But, did you see a GB member or a local WTS official ever giving attention to a paralyzed witness?

    Pop gives attention to paralyzed boy (Dutch news article)


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The only time I saw a member of the G.B was when he gave a talk at the conversion. It saddened and surprised me that he seemed to have nothing better to talk about than " designer" stubble.

    The Rebel.

  • Vidiot
    I can see an uber-Witness preaching to a parapalegic because he wouldn't be able to easily get away.
  • vinman
    I just heard on CNN, that the Pope will visit victims of child sexual abuse by clergy. Maybe some will contrast this compassion with the filthy, self-centered scum in NY that sit around a table trying to figure out how they can get their members to believe that they have the best policies !
  • donny
    I was part of the "in crowd" when I was a JW and I got to work in the sound and security depts at most of the assemblies and conventions. I was also in a congregation that had two "heavyweight" elders that worked closely with the Society to set up conventions in the North Texas area. As a result, we almost always had a GB member give the keynote talk. I was often appointed to escort the guy to and from his secured floor hotel room and other than small talk, most were pretty dull. The ones I met were John Barr, Ted Jaracz, Lloyd Barry, Dan Sydlik, Lyman Swingle, Carey Barber and Milton Henchel.
  • BluesBrother

    Jack Barr was a decent, unpretentious man whom, I believe, would do an act of kindness to to someone , and away from the publicity of cameras.

    At least , that is based on the time when I had a brief dealing with him , I was a teen, he was a Bethel (U K ) high-up. Just after that he was appointed to the G B

    I cannot speak for the present bunch, who seem to view themselves as the "Magnificent Seven"

  • Dunedain

    I had Brother Henschel go to my ex-wifes bridal shower, as a person of "honor". I personally met him a few times, btw this was all over 20 years ago. He was "friends" with my ex-grandmother in law. She would kiss his ass, and give him money and "gifts", all the time, so he was always "on the take" and hanging with her. My ex-grandmother in law, was a very well to do woman, and she made sure everyone new it.

    She would call Bro. Henschel, her "personal angel", and in her mind, she thought by showering him with cash and jewelry, she had a shoe into the new system. She figured that when he croaked, he would judge her "worthy" at Armagedon.

    NOT ONCE, did this GB member, tell her kindly, "please its not like that, i am a lowly servant like you for Jehovah" . Instead his hand was out, ALL THE TIME, and filling his pocket with cash. This is not all BS, i witnessed this, with my own eyes, when i was in my early 20's, and newly married to this womans grandaughter.

    My ex-grandmother in law, made sure Henschel was ay her grandaughters, my ex-wife's, bridal shower. He was the ONLY male there, and sat at a table of prominence, like he was a God. He went, he didnt say, " thank you anyway, but it would not be appropriate, for me to go", NOPE, he went. He probably looked at it as a "business investment of his time", because by going, he ensured that my rich grandmother in law would keep the cash going. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goingthruthemotions

    i saw one of the guardians at an assembly over the summer. we were leaving and walking through the floor. he walked by with his posie. i turned to my wife and said....look he's just like a rock star and laughed. she didn't think i was to funny.

    although she didn't try and join the posie. if she would have, i would have just left her there and went my way.

    i truely hate this cult.

  • Dunedain

    Oh shit, i just remembered another time i had a direct dealing with a GB member. I was having lunch at Brooklyn headquarters, on "special" invite. This was over 20 years ago, and had to do with my father, and my fathers old college professor. My fathers old professor was very interested in Bethels workings, and had visited many years earlier, and was quite impressed with how efficiently they did certain things, basically cost saving ways they would work the factories. During that visit the professor had made friends with some of the older, prominent Bethel members, like Russ Kerson(not sure of spelling).

    Anyway, since my father was the student that was the catalyst in getting his professor there all those years ago, and friendships were made, the prof never became a witness btw, a reunion of sorts was made, hence our "special" invitation to Bethel. So, at lunchtime, all of us, my father, me , mom, sister, my Dads old professor, and Russ kerson, all sat at a very special lunch table. At this table was a governing body member. I honestly dont remember his name, but what i do remember are 2 things. First, he was an old bag at about 80 something, BUT he had a very pretty, hot, younger sister as his wife. Even my Mom commented on that one. Second, i couldnt help but watch how he ate, he was mixing all his food together into one big, mushy, lump of food. I remember lima beans, mashed potatoes, and whatever the protein was, all globbed together first, before even taking a bite, and then once it was all mushed together on the middle of his plate, he started to eat it all. It was weird and gross.

  • Vidiot

    @ Dunedein...

    Weird quirks always become exaggerated when everyone else around you is too damn scared to call you out on them.

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