Just saw this video, just goes to show you how the elders lie...JW Elder's Response To My DA Letter

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  • NeverKnew

    You poor thing. Traumatized repeatedly.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope that you've found some level of peace.

  • Listener

    Tripmama10, sorry to hear that you went through a really tough time. It's really sad that those 'taking the lead' aren't able to help.

    What the Elder had to say was just empty words. It was very telling towards the end when you highlighted that both your father and the Organization had let you down and he wouldn't acknowledge that fact for a second.

    The organization is perfect and you were wrong in attributing any blame on their part - I'm sure that makes you feel really good and ready to return for more of the same.

  • jhine

    ok two things ,

    I don't know any Bible believing Christians who think that shunning is right .

    How did you manage to resist the urge to punch that guy's lights out ?

    That was just disgusting .


  • jhine

    I've calmed down a bit now ,

    The two words that were speaking loudly in their absence were " law " and "police "


  • tripmama10
    The peace came with the letter. I left when I was 18 and have been out for 14 years. Jan, I really wanted to but he is still my boss, for the time being. He has even told my mom that my 3 little kids are worldly and are drawing her away from Jehovah. I asked him about it but he lied to my face, assuming my mom wouldn't tell me.
  • jhine

    How the heck does that work ? He is your boss , but can't talk to you !!

    Can I ask how your Mom copes with this ? I assume that she shouldn't talk to you . It must be really hard on her if I have the situation right .

    You have been very brave speaking out and confronting that man .


  • tripmama10
    He will only speak to me through email or text about business related stuff. The other elders don't know that I work for him so he hasn't fired me yet. My mom shunned me for a little bit when I first left. She changed her mind when an anointed brother told her that the elders were just men and that I would always be her daughter. He understood because he had a disfellowshipped daughter. I only sent the letter in when I was sure that she wouldn't leave me. I spent the last 14 years biting my tongue and spreading little bits of real truth and now she's fading.
  • WingCommander
    Find another job, PRONTO.
  • Vidiot

    Syd Netley - "The elder misses the point completely. 'They got disfellowshipped', he says. Why don't they get reported to the police? Pedophilia is a crime! One witness, two witnesses, never serve as elder again; all misses the point. That's up to the police, not the elders."

    Amongst the loyal rank-and-file, there's a serious disconnect, particularly with regards to this issue.

    They can't conceive that any agency of "Satan's World" might do a better job dispensing justice than "God's Earthly Organization", they can't bear the thought of publicly airing the Org's dirty laundry, and subconsciously, they realize that acknowledging it in a secular (i.e., non-WT) context may compel them to face the reality that the problem has become widespread, institutionalized, and endemic.

  • goingthruthemotions

    i am so glad i got to share this video with everyone. When i see this elder, he is the picture of a spineless POS.

    I am glad you are doing good, and i hope your mom fades from the cult. Keep brave and welcome to the site.

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