My real name (and a shameless self promotion)

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  • schnell

    My real name is Benjamin Heath, I live in southern Oregon, USA, and you can always reach me on Twitter @ben_heath_. I have also rebooted my blog at which is linked with my Twitter. I intend to write about experiences at work and in life, as well as whatever it is I'm reading about at the moment.

    I'm a programmer by hobby, a truck driver by profession, an atheist by education and reasoning, and an ex-JW by choice. I think I have worked out a lot of vitriol and frustration that I had for the organization through this forum. Thank you so much Simon, scratchme, Finkelstein, David_Jay, Heaven, blondie, and everyone else here on helping me feel welcome and validated but also to help me calm down.

    Thank you everyone.

  • Finkelstein

    Your welcome schnell , keep seeking the truth and strive to live in honesty and wholesomeness.

  • scratchme1010

    Nice to meet you schnell, I mean, Benjamin Heath. Good to hear that my crassness (at times) serves for something. What language(s) do you program in?

  • schnell

    @scratchme, I'm mostly a *nix guy on the programming front, so I was big on C for a long time. I actually started with C++, but since the more recent standards, I don't know if I'd recognize certain additions to the language today. I do like Python and Lua quite a bit, and in a particularly nerdy endeavor, I learned some 6502 assembly to program for C64 and NES. :P Never went anywhere with really any of this, but programming has absolutely influenced how I think, and I credit Eric S. Raymond and The Art of Unix Programming for introducing me to some more philosophical ideas in general (and not just in programming).

    All that said, I have a Windows 10 laptop sitting in front of me, and I'm perfectly happy with it so far. I might look into some more C# and .Net stuff if I feel so compelled.

  • JWdaughter

    Hi Benjamin! Im Michelle. We like having you here.

  • schnell
    Thank you, Michelle!
  • Simon

    If you've used C, you might like Go. It's a fantastic language and doesn't have the baggage (runtime VM) that languages like C# and Java does - just a single binary to deploy. Higher level than C, more like Python for productivity but with close to C runtime performance.

    Glad you found the forum useful :thumbsup:

  • schnell

    I have heard some and never explored Go. Sounds a bit like Lua, but with Google's backing.

  • prologos

    are you near the clipse centerline Masdras east & west?

  • schnell

    @prologos, Madras, OR? About 4.5 hours away, I'm in Medford. I'd like to check out the freethinkers group in Ashland some time.

    The old Hansen case happened here in Medford, and I live 8 minutes away from their house. I haven't gone to knock on their door, because I'm sure that whoever's there now would rather not discuss it.

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