Hey everybody! Just droppin' in :)

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  • macys

    It feels so good to be free from the JDub cult!

  • onightdivine

    Welcome to the forum, macys!

    I'm glad you are finally free. If your circumstances permit we'd like to ask you to stand... ooops. I mean, let us your hear your stories if you can share.

    Happy to have you here.

  • macys
    Long boring story. Read my bio. Thats about it. I was forced to convert as an underage child. I should sue my parents and this cult because I was not given the choice and could not make that choice. I will do everything in my power to put an end this shitty cult. I am new here but I am going to go through all of the post of the past 3 months, Any suggestions?

    Welcome to the board!

  • Divergent
    Hi & welcome, Macys. Just read your bio. You lied... it's not boring!!! =)
  • pbrow

    Just read your bio..... pictures or it didnt happen!!

    On a serious side though... I had a buddy whos parents converted when he was about 14 or 15 years old. Even as a born in myself i remember thinking how much that would suck to have all the cool things that worldly kids had and then to lose them just like that. He bought into it though and is still a card carrying member. Glad you were able to gtfo.


  • Giordano

    Macys I read your Bio....... it's very frank.......... I appreciate your honesty.

    Share with us how you are doing out on your own....... there are a lot of 18 year old's still in that are a bit afraid to branch out.

    Is higher education in the works?

    There are experienced people on this forum and a lot of good advice so take advantage.


  • freemindfade
  • WingCommander
    So.......you kissed a girl, and you liked it?
  • macys

    Thanks everybody for the kind words. here is another place I can be myself and not have to hide it like I had to do when I was going to meetings with everybody judging me. They didn't even know me!

    Yes I am going to college now as sophomore. I was kicked out of my house when I was 18 (cuz I was Dfd) but I already had some "worldly" friends who let me room with them and since I am on a full paid scholarship I have little expenses right now. I am very goal oriented. I turned this bad situation into a good one. It sucks not having my family support me when I need them but they showed their true colors. A bunch of goody 2 shoe drones who think the governing body is the last and final word on the Bible. I would love to sue this cult for ruining my family. We were so happy when we were Catholic. Not that being Catholic made us happy just that there were no rules of men to tear us apart!

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