Critical Race Theory…do you think kids should be forced to be taught this in schools?

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  • WTWizard

    This "theory" pushes the blame for all of our problems, including any asteroid strikes on earth, on the white race and silences any discussion otherwise. God's "chosen", or god itself, tries enslaving us, it is the white race's fault. Black on Asian crime, white's fault. A new virus, it is white's fault. The dollar becomes toilet paper because the banks steal the purchasing power, white's fault. Your wages stagnate because big conglomerates refuse to part with more of their power, white's fault. Garbage in the streets because of slobs, white's fault. Mercury retrograde, white's fault. The reptilians blow up the earth, white's fault. Nothing white people do can ever be any good.

    And, that is on top of the fact that schools need to be teaching the basics, not lies. We are firing teachers for teaching the basics instead of this garbage, and then we wonder why we are losing science at an alarming velocity. At this rate, within 20 years we will believe that the earth is flat, and that the white race is responsible for every single problem we face (and, to the extent that it is not true, we will never solve them).

    I understand that the core responsibility for schools is to teach people to read, to write, to do arithmetic, and to use basic science to learn about the world around them. This they cannot do if they teach fake history, they keep teaching the outdated doctrine of how Hitler slaughtered so many and that we need to perennially pay for it, how early America oppressed blacks and we need to perennially pay for it, or other doctrines that are either outdated, false, or simply not that important in this day. At the same time, we are not going to figure out how to clean up the mess moving forward, and 100 years from now (if there is even a white race to heap blame on), we are going to have the same problems then as now, with many worse ones on top of it.

    To me, this is not that much better than the jokehovian doctrines that all men are inherently evil, and that all problems are the results of someone seeking knowledge of good and bad, and that we must perennially pay for it. It is not going to solve the problems, and joke-hova is only going to heap debt on top of debt in the name of "solving" the problem. Instead of a paradise for us, we will have a paradise for joke-hova and its filthy reptilians on this earth. Instead, we need to look past the past, figure out where we are now, and how to improve our situation in the future--and this political correctness is only going to stop that from happening.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    CRT shouldn't be taught as it is currently.

    Because there are no opposing views being taught alongside it.

    Hence, CRT is being shoved down children's throats as propaganda.

    This must stop.

    This is what one parent thinks about the situation ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Here's another parent who is talking to her local education board and asking them to dump CRT.

    She's in beast mode here, I wouldn't want to p!ss her off, lol …

  • minimus
    CRT blames white people for everything bad. It’s really STUPID! I cannot understand how anyone could not agree that this type of thinking is racist all by itself. Substitute white for black, Asian, Jew, Muslim., etc. If you said anything about these other people, everyone would be in a tizzy and you would be canceled.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Min - it's more than just stupid, it's dangerous.

    Hitler blamed Jews for pretty much everything wrong with 1930s Germany, and we all know what that led to.

    And consider what's happening now, schoolkids being brainwashed with CRT. Society will become more divided, racial tensions will increase, and white kids are gonna be picked on by black kids, etc.

    I have no problem with left-wing idiots believing left-wing crap, generally speaking.

    But when their left-wing crap harms other people, then I have a big problem with it.

    There has recently been an article published by a psychiatrist (who himself is white). And this article calls 'whiteness' a mental illness. As you say, replace white with any other ethnic group. Imagine a published article calling blackness a mental illness or whatever. So, yeah, this shit is really bad.

  • punkofnice


    It's an industry designed to bring apartheid under the disingenuous pretense of equality. It's very racist.

    It's an industry and frauds like Robyn DeAngelo are cashing in. Shame on her.

    Shame on the fools that jump on the latest psychotic bandwagon to virtue signal to the racebaiters. They should be sectioned and put in a mental home.

  • Jazzbo

    Critical Race Theory is straight up Marxist propaganda. The Reds have moved on from national movements to race. They are entirely cynical about using the gullible for their own ends.

  • Biblestudent1

    When swamps needed to be drained in Louisiana an Irish emigrant day labourer did the job

    A slave was worth money while if a day labourer died of disease you hire another

    A few decades later poor and starving Irish emigrants were signed at docks to be Union soldiers and cannon fodder as it gave 3 square meals a day.

    I’d love to hear more about white privledge

  • minimus

    It is encouraging to see people parents children etc. responding to this pushed by the liberals. A lot of people do not like it and they are resisting it as they should.

  • Sea Breeze

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