Funny stories how u got caught while secretly smoking

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  • Gefangene

    Hey folks

    To those of you who were secrely smoking while being a Jw how did your cover get blown?

    Do you have any funny stories to share even if at that time they may not have been funny at all due to impending consequences

    For a while i had my car insured under my elder dads name.. i had been smoking for a couple of months when while driving i was speeding.a little (+~ 12km/h too fast) when a hidden speed camera went off. BOOM

    It took a lovely picture of me pulling on my cigarette that was posted to my dad. Lol

    There was no denying as he had a clear proof of me smoking in his hands. Lol

  • OneEyedJoe

    Not a story of how I got caught, but one of how I covered it once. I'm a late bloomer and tried my first cigarette at 30 (no intention of making it a habit...just wanted to try something "evil" now that I was awake) and when I got home the first thing I did was pour myself a glass of my smokiest scotch (laphroaig cask strength!) and have a few drinks so my wife wouldn't detect it on my breath. Worked like a charm.

  • RubaDub

    Yes, I got privately reproved by the JC for smoking.

    I tried smoking for a month or so in my late teens. But a sister saw me while I was driving in my car and reported it to the elders.

    Being very nervous the afternoon before the JC meeting, I smoked about 10 cigarettes but did not exhale in fear that someone would see me smoking.

    I got into the meeting and, unfortunately, I had to expel some gas (fart) in the middle of the meeting. It was nasty. The brothers then asked me to leave the room while they made a decision on my case.

    I came back into the room. Due to the two witness rule, they could not come to a decision other than the testimony of the one sister and my gas, that I had indeed smoked.

    Fortunately for me, two of the elders had smoked prior to becoming JW's and one smoked Marlboro and the other smoked Camel Filters. They could not decide on the smell I had given since I did not offer the fact that I had eaten in an Indian restaurant the previous evening and had a hot chicken curry.

    In any case, I got a slap on the wrist for my "apparent" wrongdoing and I never smoked after that night.

    Rub a Dub

  • awake living free
    awake living free

    This has brought back an amusing memory I cant believe it's over 30 years ago now.

    The son of an elder in his early teens having a smoke on his way to school. To get to school you had to cross a main road by way of a zebra crossing. On this occasion the car waiting at the zebra crossing was being driven by another elder in the congregation!!!

    All these years on he's still in and i'm long gone and have never smoked in my life.


  • sissyb

    I don't post very often but this brings back memories! An elder busted me smoking when I was 16. I ran away and didn't get the nerve to go home and face the music til after midnight. I was at my boyfriend's house but told the folks I was sitting behind the KH praying for forgiveness! I'm certain they didn't buy that! My dad said I was grounded indefinitely, but it lasted about a two weeks. A few months later the daughter of that same elder told my parents she saw me smoking at school. I told my mom it wasn't true, and she made me put my hand on the NWT and swear to Jehovah that I didn't smoke. I didn't believe in Jah so I did it and didn't feel a bit guilty. I finally quit smoking almost 3 years ago!

  • LisaRose

    My daughter got caught, she had the cigarette out of the window in my car (so as not to use the ashtray and leave evidence), some ash broke off off and went into the back window and burned the upholstery. I was pretty mad, fortunately it was just teen rebellion and she didn't make it a lifelong habit. One of the few things they got right was telling people not to smoke, imo.

  • kairos

    I started smoking after exiting JWs.

    Before being DF'd, two 'appointed' men were out riding their bikes when I came to a stop sign. They looked at me and said my name.
    I blew smoke out the window and drove away.

    Good times...

  • Xanthippe

    When they brought in the rule about not smoking, in the seventies I think it was, my mother went through hell giving up. It's bad enough when people normally try to give up but they threatened her with being disfellowshipped if she didn't. No pressure!

  • Iamallcool

    Not me, I have never smoked before but My Dad told me he caught MS smoking outside of McDonalds at another side of town. He did not expect my Dad to be there, but he was there for his job assignment there. Both of them were working at another side of town too. My Dad was on JC and he was very repentant. He said he rarely smokes. He was a smoker before he got baptized. He got off with reproof and he was deleted as MS too. He told me that while I was MS, my Dad hoped that I would be an elder. I was MS for more than 3 years. That's it. It is not exactly "funny" but it is still a caught by smoking story.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    it happened to me three times, I can't remember laughing though. The guilt trip was almost unbearable. Guilt and fear, the two dub weapons, both came into play with me.

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