A useful MacDonald's advert in Taiwan teaching tolerance attacked by religious bigots

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  • fulltimestudent
  • talesin

    I'm not a fan of Mickey Dee's and cultural imperialism, but I have to admit,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOVE THIS AD!


  • Simon

    I like their breakfast McMuffins and coffee. Hate that everything starts with Mc. Don't care if men want to love other men as long as it doesn't happen to me.

    Live long and prosper.

  • talesin

    I do love their coffee, Simon. It's much better than Timmie's, don't you think?

    Ah, so rare I could ask a board member that! How many are Canadian? ; )


    It's a great ad, because it's changing that Asian cultural, and homophobic, norm. For Canadians, it's no biggie now. Remember when we had the ruling? The controversy? So, yeah, I know that Mickey Dee's only does it for profit, but it's a benefit to the culture, in this case. It's like, cultural imperialism is actually doing a 'good' thing. wow! If you catch my drift.

  • John Free
    John Free
    I have to admit I was a bigot it the past. This is another part of my JW history that I look back on feeling ashamed. When a good friend came out as gay it was a game-changer, he's a wonderful human being and it would be wrong to judge him because of his nature. Great ad.
  • talesin
    I look back on feeling ashamed.

    If I may?

    Don't feel shame. Feel sorry that you may have hurt someone, and realize that now you KNOW better, and now you DO better. Be proud that you overcame the programming. Shame is subjective. You were misled - the shame lies with those who steered you wrong. xx tal

  • Simon

    The cynic in me knows that campaigns like this by big corporations are carefully considered and contrived to make them appear loving and caring and to offset some of the criticism that comes their way for their other big business crimes and misdemeanours.

    So, we have to accept the benefits even if we don't always buy the whole farm.

    Everyone brought up as a JW was likely a bigot in some way at some point. I think I'm probably quite liberal now in my outlook but don't know if I know any gay people - I've never felt the need to indicate to straight people that I think the idea of them having sex is OK, so don't know why would I feel the need to tell anyone else.

  • talesin
    So, we have to accept the benefits even if we don't always buy the whole farm.


  • AnneB
    Why don't they just advertise their products and leave the moralizing out?
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Simon '... don't know if I know any gay people...'

    That says it all. Probably most people don't even know a homosexual or if they are homosexual. BUT they still insist on being extremely vocal about it. In Vancouver they have an annual Gay Pride Parade with 600,000 attending to watch. Sure, bring the kiddies with you and make a day of it. It's a parade. Parents bringing children. Sheesh!

    And how does pride enter the vocabulary here? Gay? As one old timer said on a radio station, " I don't see what's so gay about a man putting his penis in another man's bottom." Every second show on TV has to bring homosexuality into it. [Sorry, can't bring myself to use the word 'gay' to describe the relationship. Well, no, I'm not sorry.] And stop painting my side walk crossings with rainbow colours.

    I get what they're doing. I get it!

    And leave my politicians alone. They have better things to do. Leave them alone!

    And leave my country alone.

    Leave it alone.

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