New Blood policy for JW medical professionals?

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  • careful

    After mentioning this to someone else, a thought came to mind, reinforced by respectful_observer's comment above. Since so may of the org's changes are motivated by legal concerns, does anyone know of a legal case that might lie behind this "under-the-radar" change? Something's got to be behind it, and as I stated above, it's doubtful that it's theology.

  • blondie

    Some changes are due to some teachings having reached the expiration date, such as 1975 and what a generation is. As 80 years after 1914 approaclhed, 1994, approached the WTS changed the generation. And then had to explain why the end was not coming as soon as expected and lengthened to time period by adding another generation. 1975 came and went and no new system, the WTS had to rewrite history, or the 7,000 year creative changed in 1987 to "thousands of years."

    The Mormons due the same thing getting direction from on high to change their doctrines.

  • waton

    If this becomes known to the personell officers in the medical institutions, particularly in the US, would that not lead to a reluctance to hire avowed or even just hanger-ons Jws?

    Imagine having spend 4 years in University and now nobody will hire you? because ambulance chasers have now another hook , "you employed a caregiver that in effect told you they would not administer the most effective treatment" ?

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