JW Nut Telling His Story Online

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  • sparrowdown

    Gerrit Loki, sorry I mean Lush, sorry I mean Losch would call this a "lie by omission."

  • JaniceA

    I personally know several who were DAd or DAd themselves without being baptized. Several in my family/friend/congregation circle were. After 75 early baptisms were discouraged in my locale. It was a great era to ? Everything

  • caves

    This is of interest to me. And the push for my last thread. Cognitive dissonance and fear can make the mind do crazy [email protected]@ stuff. Notice how these stories are like right off the wrtten pages of a book and right off the movie screen. I believe our brain stores this stuff and then when presented with FOG , fear, guilt, obligation.....ect ... can hallucinations occur. Scary stuff.

    I think this is why people that have suffered extreme abuse and witnessed horrible tragic events can splinter off from one self as a protection from the event or events.

    I mean how many jws if confronted by TTAT would literally lose there minds, causing all kinds of things.

    I know my own journey of waking up has caused chemical imbalances.

    My aunt used to say that demons held her down and raped her at night. Guess what, she found out later that it was her MS jw father in real life and she had dissociated from her body to cope with the abuse. It took her almost 25 years to uncover it. Shes still in and has forgiven her father.

  • smiddy3

    I went through about 3 quarters of the way through his testimony and I just couldnt go any more .

    Can someone please tell me the end result ?

  • pale.emperor

    Can someone please tell me the end result ?

    He became a firefighter, met Michael Jackson, then quit his job to serve the borg even more. Got appointed as an elder and he's still in.

  • Vidiot
    slimbpofat - "Young Lett looks almost normal."

    Goes to show what a lifetime in the WT leadership can do to a guy... :smirk:

  • krismalone

    I read somewhere in his blog where he had a heart attack in the United States while visiting to give the memorial talk. He brags about the fact that the society never had to pay a dime for his expensive surgery but the hospital and taxpayers picked up the bill. I feel that is fraud and it should be reported that he is an agent of the Watchtower Corporation and they must reimburse the hospital for his operation.

    This JW delusional drone, is a missionary graduated from Gilead And serving in Panama Central America. This means he's an agent of the Watchtower Corporation and they should take care of all his medical expenses instead of hard-working us taxpayers.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Reading this fellow's account brought back some personal memories and we may have crossed paths during those years.

    I worked for the Bell Telephone Company (Pacific Telephone) during that time period. Just prior to the 1975 debacle I was working at the telco central office located just across the street from Leimert Park mentioned in his testimony. The JW Kingdom Hall/Assembly Hall was located across the street on the north side of the park, about the length of a football field from where my office was.

    While working there (1972-1974) I had several opportunities to see the inside of the KH/AH and meet some of the people there. On the weekends they were scattered all over the park with their magazines irritating the hell out of the local residents. It was a quick and easy way to get a couple of hours in. I heard from a co-worker (who was a JW) that the local Witnesses would spend a half hour walking around the park "placing magazines" and handing out handbills for the public talks. They would often get walk-ins from the park for their Sunday afternoon meetings. The place had been a full-sized theater - so there were plenty of empty seats when a convention wasn't in session. They were really pushing the 1975 prediction.

    In fact, one young telephone installer who reported to me turned out to be a JW. I've told this story a hundred times - but here is #101.

    One day while I was riding along as his supervisor to assess his work and productivity, he happened to try to witness to me. At first I just let him ramble, but then he told me about 1975 being the beginning of "Armageddon." I let him feed me his spiel for a bit and then told him that I had been raised a JW - so I knew what he was talking about. He asked me what Hall I went to and I told him that I left the religion about 5 years before.

    You would have thought I was the Devil Incarnate. He completely went out of control and told me that he did not want to continue with our ride-along. I explained that we could stop our discussion, but he was still required to continue working and I was required to continue supervising. And then I tried to reason with him, he got completely crazy on me. Not violent - but just totally lost it otherwise. I offered to buy him lunch and let him calm down - but he insisted that we just finish our work tasks and then return to our company garage. It was totally uncomfortable for both of us until we got back. He did not want to talk to me at all.

    He immediately filed a grievance against me with the union steward. That was OK with me because the ranking union rep was a reasonable guy (both he and the young installer were African- American). During the grievance meeting the installer stated his case - that he was a JW and did not want to work with a supervisor who was an "evil-doer" (the term "apostate" was not frequently used in those days like it is now).

    We negotiated an agreement that he would be reassigned to another crew that was supervised by an African-American fellow - who happened to be much harder on his crew than I was - his crew was the top crew in the garage and he made sure that his guys worked twice as hard and twice as fast as those in other crews. Gave them hell anytime they got a customer complaint.

    So the young fellow created his own private hell - and soon left the company after just a few months to either go pioneering or off to where "the need was greater." I was sorry for us both - because he was a good employee and had a future ahead of him - and I lost a telephone man with good career potential.

    Several months later after I had been assigned to another location, I came back for a management meeting being held at that central office.

    A few of the attendees took a lunch break at a small restaurant next to the huge Kingdom Hall. The doors to the hall were open - so some of us went inside the building which was being "refreshed." I thought I saw the young man working up on the stage. When he saw us come in, he looked right at me and quickly disappeared offstage.

    Another JW working there walked up to us and carried on a brief, but friendly, conversation. He described the work that was in progress and told us that they were getting prepared for "the great war of Armageddon" that "was definitely going to happen within the next few months." The hall was being prepared to act as a possible "safety area" that would be protected from the mayhem that would be going on around them.

    I think the hall was later sold and restored as a theater for both movies and African-American oriented theater events.

    I will never forget my time at working there for nearly three years. I still wonder whatever became of that young JW fellow. I know for sure he did not die due to Armageddon. So sad...


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