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  • pale.emperor

    While searching for some JW related stuff online, I stumbled across this page created by a PIMI. His name is Steve McDowell and a watered down version of his story was published in the Watchtower https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/wp20150701/bad-to-worse-life-story/.

    However, THIS version, he says, is the full version.


    I wonder what the Watchtower editors thought when they read the full unabridged thing? I'm surprised they still ran it considering some of the stuff he claims:

    Sadly though I wanted to keep smoking “Weed” (marijuana). I actually prayed to God to forgive me, even doing so out loud. After reading the account of Moses at the Burning Bush, I asked God for a sign to forgive me for smoking weed which I thought was my only sin left (Ex.3:3, 4). One night while my fleshly brothers and others were in our converted den garage getting high and then I wanted to join them. I first stood outside in the driveway praying for forgiveness and then before I went in, a crack appeared in the ground, what I imagined to be the bright colorful image of Jesus appeared, then I dropped to my knees and it told me I was forgiven, then it put a sparkling, shimmering necklace over my neck, then smiled and then he and the necklace broke up and disappeared. I ran into where my brothers were and told them. “Hey, I spoke to God”. They informed me that they too had heard our voices. When I told the Witnesses of my experience, they explained and helped me to see the connection between drugs and spiritism and the Demons trying to fool me (Rev. 20:8). After a couple of more experiences with the demons holding me down in my bed, by applying Bible counsel I broke free, recognizing that you can’t partake of Jehovah’s table and the table of the demons.

    Yeah, the effects of drug use and sleep paralysis are a bugger.

    “I dedicated my life to Jehovah and was baptized January 5th, 1974 at the Los Angeles Leimert Assembly Hall” and my entire unbelieving Family attended even my opposing violent Mother. In those days many of us thought the end of the world was right on us. I decided to become a Pioneer Minister from then until the end. I worked a rotating shift job that caused me to miss some meetings and it bothered my conscience. I had $5,000.00 saved up to buy with cash, my new car (costume Black Pontiac Firebird) after my $500.00 down payment to special order it. I decided to lose, forfeit the down payment, not buy the car, and to use that money to be a Regular Pioneer Minister until Armageddon (Mark 13:10; Ps. 89:1). I could budget well and my furnished apartment was just $125.00 monthly and I didn’t eat much. I figured my $$$ could last until 1975, the calculated end of man’s 6000 years of existence. So I quit a great job at B.F. Goodrich Chemical Co, started 75 hour Auxiliary Pioneering, and by the Fall I was a 100 hour Regular Pioneer Minister.

    This poopoo's the recent Watchtower propaganda video that "some" were looking to a "certain date" doesn't it?

    Most memorable was on Wednesday nights when Fred Franz, Bro. Karl Klein, George Ganges and other G. B. Members would sit in the hot rock Bethel Sauna surrounded by us young Bethelites rotating in and out of the heat to get counsel, hear stories, experiences, and get our curious questions answered by these spiritual giants, heavy weights.


    In those days we would say “I’m in the Triple A Club = Available After Armageddon”

    Yeah, it's a good thing you eventually realized 1975 was "you" being "overeager" and eventually married anyway right?

    While at this same Fire Station, I was also with the Paramedic Team that rescued and attended the entertainer Michael Jackson when his hair caught fire filming a PEPSI Commercial. He was still in the Truth then and was encouraged by my words and presence there, knowing I was also his spiritual Brother.

    Except he wasnt... MJ was never baptized.

    Even a young Stephen Lett pops up!

  • dubstepped

    Wow, lol.

  • sir82

    Except he wasnt... MJ was never baptized.

    Actually I think he was. As I recall, he was eventually disassociated himself, and you have to be baptized for that.


  • slimboyfat

    Except Sir, it’s a bit complicated by the fact that, for a period, Watchtower considered unbaptised publishers subject to congregation discipline. It’s concevable that someone being removed as an unbaptised publisher could have been described as “disassociated” at that time.

    I’d like to know if there is other evidence Michael Jackson was baptised.

    Young Lett looks almost normal.

  • Londo111

    It makes me wonder if that is THE Stephen Lett.

  • pale.emperor

    Reading the WT version and his full version you can see how the editors have reworded his story and left out massive gaps such as him beating up the cat radio theif while out on the ministry.

    Makes me rethink all those "encouraging" accounts I used to read in the yearbooks and WT mags when I was PIMI.

  • ToesUp

    Another JW misfit!!! They are a dime a dozen. Great post.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes it always felt as if the “life stories” had the interesting bit cut out - because they did.

  • sir82

    The thing that always got me about those life stories....

    They'd go into excruciatingly minute detail down to exact wording in conversations, that took place 60 years ago....they'd outline the first 10 years of the person's JW life in the first 90% of the article....

    Then they'd have a one paragraph summary of everything that ever happened to the guy over the past 50 years.

    It's like reading an 800 page biography of Queen Victoria, that has Albert's death on page 799, and concludes with "then she reigned for 40 more years, and a bunch of other stuff happened. The end."

  • stuckinarut2


    Great find PE!

    I wonder what would prompt him to release this full account? It isn't exactly flattering to the Society. It shows how they 'edited' the account to make it more palatable, and it speaks of the embarrassing 1975 history!

    What is the chances of him being awake now??

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