My Mother reach out to me AGAIN!

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  • flipper

    HEREIGO- Interesting communication from your mom. Another thing you might tell her to allay her fears is, " Mom I'm the same son, the same guy that you raised to show love to people and show kindness to them , I haven't changed in my personality one bit. But my conscience won't allow me to support injustices I've come to research. I still love you and respect that you remain a JW , there's no reason for our differences to keep us apart."

    I agree with Tiki here that your mom is feeling guilt within herself in her " gut feeling " that you are right about the WT Society and I agree that you should keep communication going , but avoid getting into a pissing war with her about JW stuff. Just talk about family, mundane things, weather, how you care about her, her health - but you need to understand that JW's are triggered and trained to defend their faith due to the mind control - if we start arguing or debating with them about the WT Society- we will not win that battle . It's like beating our head on a brick wall due to their deep indoctrination.

    And anyway- it's not about winning battles with them or winning debates with them- it's about getting them to eventually THINK about things with an open , free thinking mind. If you haven't read Steve Hassan's 3 books on how to reach loved ones who are under cult mind control I HIGHLY recommend it. His website is : His books are also on sale used on Amazon, or other locations on the Internet. It's going to require patience to get your mom to think- but it's worth it- it appears she still loves you and is feeling some guilt and misgivings about your relationship being strained, so now is a great time to do some homework and devise a plan. Give it time bro. Good luck, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • scratchme1010

    She said " Because I love you, but our difference keep us apart"

    I replied,

    "They only will if you let them. Because I could be the most sinful person on planet earth and yet you would still talk to me if I was never baptized. But, because I made the decision to get baptized at age 16, barely old enough to drive, I am being responsible for it. At the end of the day, I believe we have to walk our own path and be responsible to God directly and I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is being accountable to imperfect men. Men, who I have seen say and do things that are not so Christian. Being "imperfect" is an excuse you can only use so far when you claim to be God's mouthpiece. I'm not the only one. I believe half of witness have doubts. The question is, who is afraid to speak up? Who is afraid to lose family? I've never been a follower."

    She never responded back.

    Did I come across too strong? Do you think what I said was thought provoking enough? Thoughts?

    I remember your previous post, and I remember my reply, and this is exactly what I mentioned. Again, there is a possibility that she is just being a mom. JWs are human too.

    Not sure if you were too strong or not, but I want to ask you, would you be open to the possibility of having her in her life as a JW if she's respectful of where you stand?

    She is your mother and she (may, I don't know the specifics) love you. She may be reaching out as a mother. I have some relatives who have reached out to me in spite of what the WT says. it is possible that she may be doing that on her own.

    Don't shut the door. Not yet at least. Try to find out where she's coming from. She may be hurting, or she may be looking for a way to push the JW agenda. Only one way to find out, have a talk with her.

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