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  • flipper

    HereIgo - we camp at Richardson the weekend after 4th of July. Next summer will be the 10th annual apostafest. It is a great time - would love to see you there.

    Of course your jw family would be welcome to visit our camp. (Could be quite a scene!) We could put away the voodoo dolls and stone idol altars and stuff...

    We get a thread going in the winter for anyone who wants to reserve campsites, and we try to get the sites close together. Some stay in hotels, it's not too far to go to Camp Richardson. Some just come for the day. It's totally laid back - everyone does their own thing.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • HereIgo

    Lol flipper that sounds good, I'll look out for that thread!

  • Crazyguy

    Can you elaborate more on why that particular paragraph woke you up?

  • HereIgo

    @crazyguy, because the article basically implied that the calling of heavenly ones may not ever end, and thus the anointed "generation" would never end thus meaning Armageddon would not be coming any time soon. I tried to ignore this doubt, however when they came out with the overlapping generation around 2010, I was done with the cover-ups

  • flipper

    HERELGO- So nice to have you here ! My wife welcomed you , but I wanted to get in on the fun too ! You are among people here who understand - many of us were raised in the JW organization from birth ( myself included ) and escaped to gain freedom of mind .

    Your comment on the quote, " Thus it appears that we cannot set a specific date for when the calling of Christians to the heavenly hope ends " was really very intuitive and smart of you to notice the discrepancy in the WT view. I mean- how else can we explain the number partaking back in 2007 of about 7,000 jumping to about 15,000 now in 2016 ? LOL. I mean- you probably thought like I used to think- I thought the anointed were gradually supposed to die off, right ? My take on it is the GB made " new rules " about a never ending calling of the anointed so they could keep appointing newer, younger GB members as the years progress without having to explain it to rank & file JW's - so they conveniently make " new light " just to have a fictitious chance of going to heaven as alleged " kings & priests " to rule with Jesus - which ain't gonna happen anyway- because it's an unreality.

    Nice to have you here my friend, look forward to hopefully meeting you someday. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Herelgo: I'm glad to see that you are already managing and started a life outside the JW. As for your mother, well, you may send her "prayers" if you want. That is, expressing your feelings without expecting any answers of any kinds.

    You know, very often, JWs will try to rationalize the fact that they are shunning loved ones by turning the responsibilities around. They'll say: It is my son who dissociated and left me by leaving Jehovah. It is not me who decided to leave him. However, if every now and then, she gets a letter from you, she will have to re-evaluate her position. Remind her of your love and your desire to include her in your family life, she will have to come to terms with the fact that it is HER and HER alone who puts a stop to your relationship. And if you doubt that she reads the letters? Send post cards with pictures of your family.

    I'm willing to bet that your mom will still read the letters.

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