Sentinel Island: Rewards for Those Who Expand Their Ministry, Blessings Await You!!!!!

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  • moomanchu

    "Can You Serve Where the Need for Kingdom Publishers Is Greater?"

    The message of Jehovah’s kingdom by Christ has already gained grand triumphs throughout the earth because He backs up and blesses the preaching of this “good news” by his witnesses in all the inhabited earth. It will continue to triumph under his protection and guidance of us until Armageddon, when his own triumphant act of vindication will cause all the earth’s atmosphere to be permeated with the sweet, life-giving odor of the knowledge of God for every praiser of Jehovah that then breathes.

    Fear them not Jay dubeeyas, go forth fully accomplish your ministry with life-giving odor!!

    Only then will Jehovah bring Armageddon, followed by his rich blessings of the Kingdom!!!!!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I was wondering if this guy was a JW, none of the articles say what religion he was but then I realized that there would have been at least two people killed if he was there representing the JW organization and he'd probably have been wearing a necktie.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, this OP is a reference to what happened recently to a young Chinese-American guy who was a Christian missionary.

    He thought God wanted him to convert the Sentinelese people to Christianity.

    These people live on North Sentinel Island and have repeatedly shown by their actions that they do not want any contact from outsiders.

    The day before the missionary died, he tried to give the tribe gifts but was met with arrows.

    He didn't get the hint and died the next day, bible in hand, felled by poison arrows.

    A strong Darwin Award candidate ...

  • Xanthippe

    So many cults ....... so much suffering

  • stillin

    Nobody gets charged with murder because it was legal there. They turned back an invasion.

  • carla

    I saw something where the guy wanted them to know Jesus as their Savior, that right there tells you he wasn't a jw.

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist
    "" [...] until Armageddon, when his own triumphant act of vindication will cause all the earth’s atmosphere to be permeated with the sweet, life-giving odor of the knowledge of God for every praiser of Jehovah that then breathes."

    WTF? Oh, you mean the stench, the sickly odour of decay, the foul reek of eight billion rotting corpses, as if filth unnameable were littering the entire surface of the earth? — Nice euphemism.

  • fulltimestudent

    A willingness to die for your faith is a common meme in christianity.

    Ignatius, the bishop of Antioch in Syria was arrested sometime around 110 C.E.evidently for his christian activity. He was not tried in Antioch. but was sent to Rome (with an armed guard) for a trial and likely execution. During the journey to Rome various local congregations greeted him and he in turn later wrote to them updates about his feelings and reactions. Seven of these letters have survived. One of them ( the letter to Roman Christians) is remarkable, as it pleads with the Roman Christians not to interfere with his trial. Ignatius makes it clear that he wants to be torn to pieces by wild animals as a martyr for Jesus.

    Here's some extracts from this letter:

    May I have the good fortune to meet my fate without interference....

    Grant me no more than to be a sacrifice for God while there is an altar at hand/

    The greatness of Christianity lies in its being hated by the world.

    I would rather that you fawn on the beasts so that they may be my tomb and no scrap of my body be left. This, when I have fallen asleep ... Then I shall be a real disciple of jesus christ.

    What a thrill I shall have from the wild beasts that are ready for me.


    I suggest that a basic instinct in all life is an instinct to survive, Yet somehow this desire is perverted in some christians and replaced by the attitude exhibited by Ignatius,

    And JWs are not the only ones who exhibit this meme. As well as the young man discussed in this thread, there have been a few cases of a similar fate for some christians who have wanted to 'convert' some north Koreans.

  • pepperheart

    The watchtower cant even be bothered to pay for its monthly programe to go on satallite channels like other cults can

  • steve2

    I'm sorry, but the sheer arrogance of this now dead man encroaching on other people's turf with the express purpose of "sharing" a message that would virtually inform them that everything they know and/or believe is wrong.

    Moreover, this guy showed absolutely no regard for the risk he would be putting the islanders at because they do not have immunity to Western diseases and illnesses.

    Finally, the media report that this well-intentioned by narcistically-inclined young man knew the warnings about outsiders encroaching on the territory of the Sentinel Islanders but chose to ignore it. This suggests that his conviction that he was on a "special" mission to save others overrode common sense and empathy. If he had even half a concern about the islanders, he would have checked that 1) he would not be putting them at risk of being infected b y Western diseases and 2) how his actions would more than likely be perceived by them.

    Oh dear God, let's hope this simple-minded young man is not turned into a martyr.

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