Are you tired of War

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  • MikeMusto

    Is this kinda ike the watchtower is its own worst enemy?

    Protesters get violent

    Italian cities were paralyzed by tens of thousands of protesters blocking train stations and highways. London police hauled away demonstrators, including many school children. Protesters stopped traffic in Melbourne, Australia.

    Protests turned violent in Egypt, Britain, Spain, India, Belgium, Switzerland, the Philippines and Lebanon.

    In Cairo, the Arab world's biggest city, riot police used water cannons and batons to beat back thousands of rock-throwing protesters who tried to storm the U.S. embassy.

    Greek cities were filled with demonstrators. "We cannot accept the cowboy stance of the supposed planet lord," Athens teacher Christos Gotzias said of Bush.

    Kuwait was one Arab country where citizens were supportive of Washington. When Bush appeared on a TV screen in a local coffee shop to announce the war had begun, a burst of applause filled the room.

    "Bush is a real man," Ahmad Hussein Ahmad said. "His dad liberated Kuwait and now the son will liberate Iraq."

  • Realist


    LOL yes i remember...and you were right!

    i swore to myself to stop posting after hitting the 1000 treshhold!

  • ring

    >after 1 million of people have died from a useless embargo this war is the best solution to the problem? give me a break!<

    Your only solution appears to be supporting rioting and traffic stoppage around the world. Explain to me how thats helping anyone?

  • Realist

    first of all the great majority of protests was completely peaceful....only in the arab countries there were violent protests (and they don't demonstrate for peace but for war against the US and to overthrow their governments). secondly there would be many ways to improve the situation in all of the middle embargo and a war that killed over a million people are certainly not the best way to go.

  • animal

    San Fransisco was violent....


  • Eric

    Let's not forget that once the military action to oust the Saddam regime is completed, the United States of America intends to bring democracy and all of its freedoms to the people of Iraq. One of these freedoms (one assumes) would be the right to publically protest just like they do in other representative democracies around the world.

    Crush the right to dissent in America, or the right to promote socialism or even >Egad< communism and you castrate the democratic freedoms you are using force to establish elsewhere.

    Democracies generally, and America specifically either allow dissent and protest or they don't.

    If we don't, it is not a product anyone wants to see us exporting.


    p.s. In Toronto, protesting students laid down on the street yesterday en masse and disrupted rush hour traffic. There were four arrests. The Toronto St. Patricks Day Parade had more arrests. So did last years Gay Pride Parade. So did the Molson Indy Weekend. So did every single day of the Canadian National Exhibition.

  • animal

    The ability to protest here should never be removed. It is a part of our free speech. It is just HOW it is done that comes to question. It seems to mostly be people bent on being anarchists, not protestors.


  • expatbrit
    p.s. In Toronto, protesting students laid down on the street yesterday en masse and disrupted rush hour traffic.

    I wondered why the road was so bumpy on the way home yesterday afternoon!


  • LuckyLucy

    Yeah, right Realist! This is how peacful they are in SF.

    Some protesters were clearly prepared for violence. Sheriff Michael Hennessey said some demonstrators fired bolts from slingshots, and others slashed the tires of squad cars. Police clearing a mob from Seventh and Mission streets early in the afternoon came away with a haul of pipe wrenches, rocks and other makeshift weapons.

    "These are supposedly peaceful protesters," one officer said.

  • Simon

    I think violent protest is rarely the correct thing to do.

    Even just disrupting people's daily lives (like blocking traffic and preventing them going to work) is not going to win them over.

    I cam home past some protestors today who were just at the side of the road next to the town hall with a 'hank for peace' banner. I honked and gave them a wave. I don't think they are bad people for wanting peace. Surely that is what everyone wants? (except arms dealers and their friends)

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