the future for the borg

by pepperheart 17 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot

    I strongly suspect that the Org is very afraid of losing its tax-exemption... no small part because I suspect its "business model" is highly dependent on it.

  • scratchme1010

    Are they successful enough as a real estate co. to survive all the lawsuits?

    One of the lawsuits settled for $300,000. They sold one KH for way more than that. remember, they had all congregations in the USA turn over their KHs to them. That is billions of startup dollars that they got for free. Without making any sell, they already made billions of dollars, so what do you think?

    If they lose their charity status they will be upset, but they also will be way far from bankruptcy.

  • Finkelstein

    Answer ...... not right away but in the future, there's too much information out about this relgoius publishing house that exposes its fraudulent and corrupt ways.

  • pepperheart

    They still have 1000s of people at bethels who need feeding etc

    they print about 50 million mags a month (even if they half that figure thats still 25 million mags a month)

    They have a court case in america and because they wont give the records to the judge they are being fined $4,000 a day and thats got up to $700,000

    the arc report in australia is due to come out in march.

    What is the charity commission in the uk going to do if the jws dont bother with safe guarding etc ?

    If the jw take the easy way and start selling kingdom halls off that is not going to create goodwill with the rank and file and if anybody does give money to headquaters they will be more inclined to have to pay fuel bills off first

  • LV101

    I like to think they're being slammed with multi-million dollar judgments and losing their charity status but they have enough money to carry on no matter. They'll survive, unfortunately. So much valuable real estate.

  • joe134cd

    Yes they are wealthy and do have large reserves in real estate. But I think the real issue is long term sustainability going into the future. Sure the sell offs are a short term solution but are totally not sustainable.

  • schnell

    We all know people who are so deluded still that they willingly choose WTBTS as a charity whenever the opportunity arises, through Amazon or whatever. I certainly do.

    Even if they lose any or all charitable status, they can just play the persecution card as they quietly shift over to a for-profit religious corporation, and then come out with new light to support it. They can and have done what it took to gain ground and survive this long -- with the precedent of Rutherford losing 75% of Bible Students as he made changes of his own -- and I don't think they'll just give up now.

    Mind viruses will continue to evolve. The antidote to that will always be education.

  • 88JM

    matsukov - that's also how I understand it is in the UK. The Charity Commission can use it's remit as long as WTBTS are a charity. But if they lose that status then WTBTS can do whatever it wants untrammeled, so better to keep them a charity.

    Losing charity status also means the accounts would no longer be public, which gives us a bit of insight for the moment on their financial health somewhat, and how much they are siphoning to US head office.

    Having publicly appointed trustees might have quite an impact on them though. Could they stop siphoning funds and also spending on building projects until there is suitable reform?

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