Get-together on Saturday night and study the Watchtower!

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  • BluesBrother

    Actually , I do have fond memories of such a study. .. Back in the early 70's our cong had a lot of us singles and the overseer (who was in fact a really good man and a definate charecter ) would have us all round for an informal study and then relaxation. When I started courting my future wife I got her invited too.

    I fear that such a gathering would not happen now .I cannot recognize Blondie's recollections

    Of course I could no longer countenance the things we said and it is sad to think where all those hopes and dreams led us. But it was a good time

  • TresHappy

    I always wondered why our little get togethers never included a Watchtower study. Maybe because in that group, almost all of us have left the Borg. Maybe that was a sign.

    My dating experience in the Watchtower has been incorporated into my JW romance short story on another thread...

  • Bendrr

    My family did that for a while with another family back in the 80's.

    The Lawson's were still sort of new in the truth and my family had moved to the congregation to help out. George (the father) looked up to my dad and his sons were close friends of my brother and me. So he asked my dad if they could join our family study. That's what it was basically, a big family study, since they jokingly referred to me as a "Lawson, Jr.". That went on for some time and we all enjoyed it. I think that was the only times I enjoyed our family Watchtower study.

    Soon enough though the elders put a stop to it. The official line was that George should hold his own family study, implying that he was putting the responsibility on my dad to do it instead. That wasn't the case at all. My dad may have conducted the study but George took the lead over his own family and the most important thing was that we were studying and enjoying it. The combined studies were serious and informal at the same time. We studied the material and looked up the scriptures but at the same time there would be a little humor here and there and it was kept interesting for the kids.

    Well maybe the enjoying it part was what did it. Perry was a strict "no unauthorized enjoyment" congregation. Even laughing during the meetings was verboten, which usually landed me and my mom on the sh*t list quite regularly. Plus there was an old unspoken but quite real racial division there. They were black and we were white. Some of the black friends didn't like the sons being such close friends with us white boys. So once certain other "friends" in the congregation bitched about it enough the elders put a stop to it.

    I tell you what folks, they might as well just go ahead and put the rules down in writing in a Kingdumb Ministry (or is it Kingdom Service again?) article specifying everything right down to what kind of pen and ink they want the answers underlined with. Wouldn't suprise me one bit and the dubs would blindly swallow it whole.


  • TemeculaMole

    When I was young......

    Someone was having a party, at least thats what I thought, so i was planning on going. My friends went earlier because I had to work. So i get there about an hour after they do. I drive up the street and theres a bunch of cars parked outside but no party noises. Seemed strange at the time but oh well a partys a party. I knock on the door and the father answers. The father opens the door and gives me this weird look (i dont know him and barely know the girl that was giving the party). So I go in and walk into the family room. Theres maybe 50 - 75 people in this room sitting around having a tower study. I had to hold it in from laughing..cause I knew all these people thought it was a party just like me and got stuck at a boring tower study. Luckily I was late and only had to sit through 10 minutes. After the amen everyone cleared out in about 30 seconds.

  • gumby
    Someone was having a party, at least thats what I thought, so i was planning on going

    Hi, Temeculamole....and a warm welcome BTW!

    I'll bet the person who threw the party was popular at the hall the next meeting eh?


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hi Blondie! Were those rules ever posted anywhere, or were they just rules for your own specific hall? Our hall must have been *really* liberal, because all the teenagers had swim parties where we learned the "Hustle", swam, ate, and went skating, or whatever. Every weekend, almost. We also had an informal study on Wednesday nights for the teenagers, conducted over by a young brother barely older than we were (19). Of course, there was always adults around, and it was all very innocent, but our teenagers were together almost every weekend, study or not! It was kind of a cool hall, as halls go. I left in '81, so not sure how it changed after that.


  • Hojon

    I don't really remember pre-81 JW-dom in regard to parties (I was 10 in 1981) but I can say a swim party would certainly have been quite a scandal when I was in. The mid-80s were my horny teenage years and I would have LOVED to have been able to hang out with some of the girls from the hall. Unfortunately that was forbidden. I even got a stern talking to for going to a door with a girl my own age (we were about 18 at the time) that was hidden from the view of the others in the car. As if we'd strip naked and have sex on someone's door step.

    Our Hall was extremely anal retentive and cold. I hated it from the moment I realized that I was missing out on being a normal kid, around age 6 or so, to the second I finally decided I was done with that religion at 19.

  • Trauma_Hound

    I know what I'm doing this Saturday night, I'll be partying, celebrating my birthday with 2 other friends, that have birthdays near mine.

  • Prisca

    During the 70s and early 80s, the rules were more lax, and it was easier to organise things to do as a group, often with ones from other congs visiting too. The cong I was in at the time used to go roller-skating every Saturday night. But then the articles about "debasing music" came out (remember those?) and the elders decided a "mature Christian" shouldn't roller-skate to "debasing" music

    During the late 90s, a young sister I knew was good at organising social events. She would organise for groups of us to go to the movies, restaurants, parties etc. But she eventually got sick of the elders sticking their nose in every time. They would want to know who's organising it, who were going, who would be responsible for the group (99.9% were over 18 for crying out loud), etc etc etc.

    Whilst the elders thought they were trying to keep the congregation clean, they ended up doing the opposite. Because activities with fellow cong members were becoming impossible to organise without the elders' interference, everyone went out and made their own entertainment. Some, who were "weak in the Truth", ended up hanging out with non-Witnesses, and thus left the JWs. For those still in, friendships within the cong withered, because we weren't seeing each other as much on a social basis. So in the end, everyone (from an original group of 20) drifted apart, from each other, and for many of us, from the Organisation.

  • mattnoel

    DAMN I HATED IT !!!!

    We would do it with another family when I was a kid on a fri night and then monday night was family study - HOW BORING !!!!

    Was only supposed to be an hour but always went on for about half hour more and my step dad used to make us pre study the pre study.............what a prick !!!

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