Does Politics Affect Your Entertainment Decisions and Choices?

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  • minimus

    If Coke disturbed you because of a certain stance would you stop buying Coke?

    Would you stop watching a sport if a certain view was politicized?

    Would you boycott a certain product because you did not agree with the corporation’s opinions??

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Partly. I cannot boycott everything, still use YouTube, Facebook.

    I made a point to buy Goya.

  • WTWizard

    Only in severe cases. I still use major companies such as Amazon to buy things, despite that I do not like their viewpoints, because many smaller businesses also rely on Amazon for their own success. I still watch YouTube, even though I frequently have to bash them through feedback for chronic technical problems they never fix (and for their policies about running ads that benefit Google instead of the content creators).

    However, there are a few severe cases I will boycott. Since Walmart has so many major problems (including that they sell absolute crap), I will not buy anything from them at all. I minimize use of Google, but for technical issues (sometimes it is still necessary because another service will also go through Google). I also disfavor Nestle because of their policies of taking resources away from the planet (also, because they make poison called "food"). General Electric is the worst company for political grounds--and I haven't bought anything from that abomination since at least 2010. (And they used to have great products--General Electric products from the 1950s and '60s are probably better than the ones made today).

    As for Coke and Pepsi, I do not drink their high fructose corn syrup and/or aspartame products. I do not like any of the big drug companies (though soon I am expecting to be forced to get a coronavirus shot I do not want) for safety reasons. McDonalds is poison--and that is reason enough not to use their poisonous products. And sports--I never did like wasting my money and time watching them (and especially political correctness ball, as I have since May 2014 called basketball).

  • GrreatTeacher

    I boycott everything I can that sells my personal information.

    Facebook seems to me a great way to give any nosy person in the world free and available information about yourself, therefore I don't have an account.

    I boycott Amazon because I hate their site and don't find it very user friendly.

    I never sign up for free stuff and don't download apps. I still mail my bills and call customer service rather than do things online. I don't have online banking set up. Sometimes I literally go and speak to a teller in person!

    I don't preload my credit card information into my phone because that makes it too easy to pull the trigger and buy something.

    I turn my phone tracker off and even, gasp, turn it off completely sometimes when I am out.

    If I really want to be left alone while I'm out and about, I will, double gasp, leave it at home!

    I am a total Luddite, and I'm sure there's still way too much of my information out there.

    Privacy is my new watchword, also, "Nunya" as in "Nunya business." I'm so tired of checking out in person at a physical cash register and being asked for my email address. Nope. I don't need any more spam or coupons.

    This site is one of my only exceptions.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Also, I hate that Google has become a verb. I always try to refer to searching something rather than "googling" it.

    Sometimes I use Yahoo.

    I'm of the opinion that big tech companies have become too big and would benefit from some anti-trust action.

    I will never own a Tesla, and that's mostly because Elon Musk is a dick. I own a Subaru and Toyota, and I would buy from both companies again. The Dodge truck has needed a lot of work, so I probably wouldn't buy a Dodge again.

    In the Walmart vs. Target debate, I shop Target. They're a little nicer and I also found out that their prices are often cheaper.

    In the Safeway vs. Food Lion debate, I choose Food Lion because their prices are better. Although Safeway does have a pharmacy, and its bakery is much better. I also sometimes stop by to check out the $5 Friday deals.

    I use CVS pharmacy rather than Walgreens. Target stores have CVS pharmacies in them. They all have drive throughs now.

    If you have to do fast food or are just splurging, I go to McDonald's. Hardee's does have a few good sandwiches and the breakfast raisin buns, Burger King I don't like at all, and I am just not a fan of the chicken at Chick fil a, though they do have excellent milkshakes. Though not a burger joint, Taco Bell is also a great choice once in awhile. Drive up, order a 12 pack of tacos, pay and you're on your way. I really dislike ordering something and being asked a million questions about options. This is mostly why I don't eat at places like Sheetz, WaWa, and Royal Farms. It takes 10 minutes and 25 choices just to place your order on that stupid machine.

    And, Dude! it's Coke rather than Pepsi. It's got a subtle citric acid taste to it that I don't detect in Pepsi.

    Starbucks has better coffee than Dunkin Donuts, but Tim Hortons has better donuts than Dunkin. Too bad we don't have any of them around here. Krispy Kreme is a great option if you can find them nearby.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Does Politics Affect Your Entertainment Decisions and Choices? - er, not really.

    I think it's best to separate the art from the artist in most cases.

    E.g. I like Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Chinatown (1974), even though director Roman Polanski allegedly had sex with at least one underage girl.

    If I find a piece of art to be excellent, I'll like it.

  • mickbobcat

    I have boycotted hollyweird for years. If I can not get it free on line or by a torrent I don't watch it. But that means I can watch what ever I want for free. Why go to a theater and have to deal with someones brat crumb cruncher kicking your seat or someone texting ect and pay 50 bucks for a ticket and small popcorn. I have been a Coke drinker for 50 years. I have in the last couple years been upset that they have taken down the CO2 out and its almost flat compared to a few years back. I am going back to Mt. Dew.

  • frozen2018

    I quit drinking Coke but not for political reasons. I quit drinking Coke and all other sodas because, in my view, the product is little more than flavored poison.

  • Simon

    I chose where to spend my dollars based on the company or the artists involved.

    If they do good (which right now can just mean "leave people alone, give them freedom") I'll be more inclined to buy from them.

    If they are hypocritical assholes who have put a woke activist in charge of their social media account, I won't.

  • minimus

    I like Diet Coke. I probably will still drink the soda. I used to enjoy Academy Awards and Grammys but the constant politicizing at these events is a turn off for me so I stay away.

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